It’s hard not to get sucked into watching every single proposal video ever. The seemingly never-ending creative ways in which a BF/GF asks their partner to get married and spend the rest of their lives together just serve up all kinds of engagement inspiration for ourselves and the people in our lives for when they’re ready to pop the question.

The latest source of engagement envy comes via Indiana native Austin Crecelius, who asked his girlfriend Allison Boyle for her hand in marriage while riding a roller coaster. This brings a whole other level to why you have to be a certain height to ride the amusement park ride.

The exhilarating proposal happened on a roller coaster called The Voyage at Holiday World, a theme park in Santa Claus, Indiana (PS: I want to go to there!), while they were ascending a climb and was captured on camera by the couple’s friends seated in front of them on the ride. For those wondering, Austin acknowledged and apologized for not following the theme park’s no camera safety policy, FYI.

Austin chose to pop the question on a roller coaster because Allison had previously stated, “Life is like a roller coaster.” So, naturally he tied that phrase with the engagement, resulting in a high adrenaline proposal.

Of course, a roller coaster “Will you marry me?” moment wouldn’t be complete without the official ride photo. Luckily for us, Austin tweeted the above “She Said Yes!” photo and it’s just as epic as the accompanying vid. Now we’ve only got one question for you, Austin: How are you gonna top this thrill-seeking proposal on the Big Day?! ;)

What are your thoughts about this roller coaster proposal? Would you want to be asked this way or not? Share your thoughts in the comments.

(Photo via YouTube)