It’s a good day for a statement necklace, don’t you think? Well, we kind of think that everyday is a good day for a new accessory, especially one that combines neon with mixed metals in a totally chic and easy way. Better yet? This bling was created using materials from our latest Brit Kit — just add rope!

 – neon yellow paracord

– gold chain

– rhinestone chain, 2 lengths

– gunmetal chain

– O ring

– lobster clasp

– 2 flat cord ends

– gray or beige embroidery floss

 – needle nose pliers

– scissors

– lighter

– needle

You might be thinking to yourself, those materials look awfully familiar. Well, you’d be right!

Except for the rope and cord ends, everything in this DIY project was part of our latest Brit Kit. If you want to make a necklace that matches your brand new bracelets, or simply feel like mixing up your Brit Kit, follow along and learn how to create a totally different piece.

Cut three lengths of rope to about 18 inches long. Measure around yourself so you have a length that works for you. Use a lighter to seal the cut ends of the rope and press into a cord end.

Braid the rope and seal the end with another cord end.

Lay out your braided rope, and assorted lengths of chain. We decided to use all four lengths of chain.

First, we weaved a length of rhinestone into the braided rope. Use embroidery floss on either end to tie the chain onto the rope.

Next, sew your two pieces of chain together using embroidery floss. You want this part to be the same length as the rhinestone chain that’s been woven into the rope. Cut off excess chain and secure with embroidery floss.

Now, use the embroidery floss to sew the chain onto the rope.

Add one more length of rhinestone by attaching it to the bottom of the chain. This will give a cool sort of ruffled rhinestone effect.

And you’re done! How fun is that?

We love this combination of materials, and are tempted to make a whole series! If you’re digging the look of this, be sure to check out our Rhinestone Wrap Bracelet and trio of Rope Statement Necklaces.

What’s your favorite necklace you’ve made? Seen any you’d like to try your hand at copying? Talk to us in the comments below.