Biking is cost-effective and fun, and it totally helps tone your body. But it is important to bike smarter, especially when it comes to staying alert. While we all are guilty of rocking out to music on the road, it can be dangerous to tune out the world (and cars) around you. Luckily there’s a solution that still lets you listen to your fave playlist and stay alert. The Safe + Sound headphones, designed by Royal College of Art graduate Gemma Roper, take those buds out of your ears and onto your cheekbones.

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The technology in these headphones is called bone conduction, wherein the sound waves get transmitted through the cheekbone to the inner ear, all without blocking the actual ear. You can’t turn the volume up so loud that you can’t hear the road, eliminating the danger of having buds in your actual ears. You can then just clip ’em onto your helmet and go — a safe solution, indeed.


Not only do the headphones conveniently clip onto your helmet straps while riding, but they also convert into regular headphones by attaching to ear pads. They’ll keep you jammin’ on your commute and in the office. For now these are just concept headphones, but we are hoping they will get funded so we can pick up our very own stylin’ coppery pair.

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