There’s nothing quite like an NYC sample sale: hordes of folks crushed into a previously vacant space, stocked to the brim with difficult-to-sort designer clothes, and hours spent rubbing elbows with strangers as you rummage for that one unbelievable deal. But it can be totally overwhelming. A new app designed to keep you in the know is helping us become masters of the sample sale game.

Meet ShopDrop. Using your location (as of now it’s only available in NYC), the app scopes out current and upcoming sales and lets you do cool stuff like RSVP, map directions, and even helps you keep track of specific ones you’re interested in checking out. Of course, it also give you the must-know deets like who, what, when, and where these deals are going down.

Sample sales often give short (if any) advance notice and rarely publicize exactly whatkind of discount will be offered, so ShopDrop is addressing this too. “We’re lucky when we get two weeks notice about a sample sale because brands often wait until the last minute to announce them,” the app’s founder, Estee Goldschmidt, told InStyle. “So to make sure we’re providing the most comprehensive list, we update ShopDrop every single day — and we aim to specifically list brands that are offering a discount between 60 and 90 percent because that’s where our user gets the real value.”

There are also plans to expand the app to include user photos and videos, the ability to RSVP for time slots (to avoid overcrowding), and even pay on their phones. Bargains, here we come!

DL It: Free on iOS

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(Photos via ShopDrop, Getty, HBO)