We love crepes so much, we’ve been known to have them for dessert (hello, crepe cakes!). But the French street food is the perfect foundation for savory breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Keep reading for 15 recipes to say “oui” to, including a lasagna version that must be tried!

1. Crepes With Wild Mushrooms and Gruyere: Nutty gruyere and wild mushrooms always make a winning combo, especially when folded into a crepe. (via The Gourmet Gourmand)

2. Smoked Salmon Avocado Crepe Salad: Break with the traditional technique and whip up this salad instead. It’s full of smoked salmon, sliced crepes (!), and a creamy dill sauce you’ll want to put on everything. (via Havoc in the Kitchen)

3. Vegetarian Crepe Lasagna: Here’s one way to make veggie lasagna a little more appealing. Swap out traditional pasta for thin, eggy crepes, for a meal you’ll want to devour again and again. (via The Hungry Bite)

4. Spinach Crepes With Pan-Roasted Veggies: Spinach is the secret ingredient in this meal, and combined with pan-roasted mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, and onion, you’ll get a couple of servings of vegetables in one go. (via Happy Foods)

5. Duck and Oyster Mushroom Chive Crepes: The savory combo of duck and mushrooms deserves more time in the spotlight, sure. But in this dish, it’s the sweet and sour cherry sauce that manages to steal the show. (via Rhubarb & Cod)

6. Leek Pancakes With Spinach, Kale, and Ricotta: Creamy ricotta makes this dish taste positively decadent. Joined by spinach and kale, you’ll want to load up on this filling. (via Searching for Spice)

7. Butternut Squash Chicken Buckwheat Crepes: Buckwheat makes these crepes extra-hearty and able to stand up to a rich filling of butternut squash and chicken. (via Havoc in the Kitchen)

8. Low Carb Jalapeño Crepes: If you love jalapeño poppers, you’ll love these. You get all the cheesy, spicy goodness of the pub snack you crave, but these are lower in carbs and fat… so you can have seconds, duh. (via Hey Keto Mama)

9. Chickpea Crepes With Cauliflower Rice: This Indian-inspired recipe swaps wheat flour for chickpea flour (besan), for a meal that’s gluten-free and vegan, but full of flavor. (via La Petit Chef)

10. Crispy Vietnamese Crepes: Rice flour gives these thin pancakes a distinctive texture and mild flavor that can stand up to bold ingredients. Stuff them with veggies and aromatics and eat to your heart’s content. (via Cinnamon and Coriander)

11. Baked Crepes With Mushrooms and Tartar Sauce: Tartar sauce isn’t just for fried fish; it gives great flavor to crepes too. Baked in the oven with plenty of mushrooms, this is the comfort food you need in your life. (via Balkan Lunch Box)

12. Buttermilk Buckwheat Crepes With Chicken and Mushrooms: For breakfast or dinner, you can’t beat this meal. Buckwheat pancakes stay tender thanks to buttermilk, and are filled with a flavorful blend of chicken and mushrooms. (via The Straight Dish)

13. Cabbage Filled Crepes: It’s time to add more cabbage to your diet. Paired with a ketchup-based sauce, it makes a sweet-tangy filling for these crepes. (via Cooktoria)

14. Crepes Eggs Benedict: Brunch is obviously the best meal of the week, but it’s even better when you change things up a little bit. This recipe swaps out the English muffins for something more interesting, for a meal that will make getting out of bed on the weekends totally worth it. (via Innocent Delight)

15. Scrambled Egg Breakfast Crepes: Scrambled eggs and crepes make this dish like two breakfasts in one. Topped with a bright green spinach sauce, it’s the tastiest way to get your veggies in. (via The Charming Detroiter)

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