When it comes to OMG television, Scandal definitely leads the way with a host of jaw-dropping moments that have everyone talking the morning after. In preparation for the upcoming season finale, we know all you Gladiators are scrambling to throw a finale party worthy of Olivia Pope + Associates. We’re sharing eight ways to throw a season-ending shindig tighter than B613 secrets.


1. Try Creative Popcorn Recipes: True fans are well aware that Olivia Pope favors popcorn as her go-to snack. Spice things up with a few innovative popcorn recipes to satisfy you, like this sea salt and honey butter popcorn. (via The Faux Martha)


2. Plan a Snack Menu Named After All Things Scandal: Now this takes creativity and good fun to a new level. Gather up some of your favorite app recipes and name them after Scandal characters, plots and locations. (Via Savannah Smiled)


3. Drink Like a Gladiator ($11): After long days and nights of handling all things corrupt and scandalous in DC, Gladiators need a stiff drink to wash it down. Let your inner Gladiator speak for itself with these wine glasses etched with their mantra.


4. Drink Like Olivia ($12): No one appreciates a good glass of red wine after a long day more than Olivia Pope. Take a cue from her and drink out of beautiful Camille glasses.


5. Make a Patriotic Dessert: A winning dessert is the topper of any party, and having one that adheres to the patriotic theme of the show is even better. (Via Brit + Co.)


6. Throw Confetti Made of Your Favorite Scandal Characters: Adding a little DIY to your Scandal celebration is a great way to inject some personal touches. By turning the show’s characters into confetti, they can literally be part of the festivities. (Via Martha Stewart)


7. Take Style Tips From Olivia Pope ($200): It’s easier now more than ever to channel your inner Olivia Pope because now you can dress just like her. The Scandal-inspired collection at The Limited has captured her winning fashion sense.


8. Cap Off the Night With a Drinking Game: No TV show-inspired party is complete without a drinking game. Make sure you have a designated driver as you play along with this one, featuring some of the show’s greatest re-occurrences. (Via Buzzfeed)

Do you have any plans to throw a Scandal finale shindig? If so, tell us about your epic party plans in our comments!