We loveHouse of Cards聽more than sharks love blood, and since it comes back to Netflix on February 27, we鈥檝e been busy planning a viewing party with some of our closest compatriots. We found everything you need, from party games and food to cocktails and decorations, to transport yourself to Washington, DC 鈥 no snow required. Just make sure everyone stays away from the Metro. If you haven鈥檛 watched yet, be warned: There are spoilers ahead!


1.聽Freddy鈥檚 BBQ Joint Grilling Apron ($20): Obviously, you鈥檙e going to be making some barbecue ribs for the event. Keep your Claire Underwood duds clean and crisp with Freddy鈥檚 apron.


2.聽House of Cards Against Humanity: This printable version of Cards Against Humanity is perfect for figuring out which one of your friends is the most conniving. After all, there鈥檚 no shame in the Underwood game.


3.聽In Underwood We Trust Mug ($14): Keep your Netflix binge going well into the night with mugs of coffee. Not that you鈥檒l be able to sleep after watching everything go down.


4.聽Underwood 2016 Bumper Sticker ($7): What鈥檚 a party without good favors? Besides, you鈥檒l want to show that you support Frank. Who knows what he鈥檇 do to anyone who supports his opponents?


5.聽Dress Like Claire Underwood: As the hostess, you鈥檒l want to be as polished and flawless as Claire would be when having company over. A chic pair of glasses and some sleek black power heels should do just the trick. (via Tatiana鈥檚 Delights)


6.聽Freddy鈥檚 BBQ Joint T-Shirt ($17): Or you could go casual and show your support for the best BBQ around.


7.聽Paperless Post Invite: Send digital invites to your聽supporters that hint at the inaugural ball that we hope (fingers crossed) we get to see in the first episode. That would be a doozy.


8.聽Freddy鈥檚 Sticky Saucy Barbecued Ribs: Chef Curtis Stone tried his hand at replicating Freddy鈥檚 famous ribs. These are guaranteed to be mind-blowing. (via Community Table)


9.聽Deck of Playing Cards ($20): In between episodes, gather everyone around for a quick card game. Or don鈥檛, since Frank doesn鈥檛 approve of such useless things. In that case, you can use them to decorate.


10.聽Playing Card Decorations: Keep the party festive with these easy card decorations, using either a regular pack of playing cards or the House of Cards-themed pack above. If anyone objects to the decor, tell them 鈥渄emocracy is overrated.鈥 (via Indulge Party Blog)


11.聽Patriotic Cupcakes: Serve these cupcakes to your guests, and start the debate over聽whether or not Frank Underwood is a patriotic man. We vote 鈥渘ot really.鈥 (via Celebrations)


12.聽Underhanded Underwood Cocktail: This cocktail is a blend of gin, herbal bitters and dry vermouth. Sounds to us like the kind of drink Claire would make herself聽after a long day. (via VH1)


13.聽No Patience Cocktail: Blending together the flavors of bourbon, bacon and barbecue, this cocktail sounds like one the (new) president would approve of. And let鈥檚 be real:聽There aren鈥檛 many things he approves of. (via Great Ideas)

What do you think Frank鈥檚 first act as President will be? Let us know in the comments!