Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue captivated audiences with their sensual routines during the 2018 Olympics — so much so that the public was left wondering if the skating partners were an IRL couple. Fortunately for us, Ellen DeGeneres is on the case.

The Canadian athletes, who took home two gold medals at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang last month, sat down for an interview with DeGeneres on Tuesday, March 20. But she was more interested in their relationship status than in their on-ice moves.

After pointing out their undeniable chemistry, DeGeneres asked the pair if they’re a couple. Virtue answered, “We are not.”

She added, however: “But, you know, we always say that that’s a big compliment, because what we portray on the ice is really important to us and we love getting into character, we love telling a story. And a lot of the emotions we portray are universal themes that resonate with everyone. So the fact that people feel invested in our partnership is truly remarkable.”

She continued, “We’ve spent 20 years working hard on this partnership and a lot of trust. Mostly, I mean, in those moments when the music ended in Pyeongchang, I just looked at Scott and I was so grateful to have lived the last 20 years by his side and to share in that moment together.”

Moir noted that they do have some romantic history, but it was when he was nine years old and Virtue was seven, and the young romance wasn’t meant to be. “We didn’t talk to each other. I remember when we were skating, we would just hold hands and avoid eye contact,” he explained.

“In order to advance our partnership, we had to put the hot and heavy relationship on the side,” he joked, adding, “I broke up with Tessa and none of my friends have let me live that down since.”

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(photos via Maddie Meyer/Getty Images + Jamie Squire/Getty Images)