San Francisco is insane right now, folks. With the Super Bowl set to take place here in a mere matter of days, the whole city has been transformed into Super Bowl City and we don’t mean that figuratively. A giant chunk of downtown has actually been renamed Super Bowl City and filled with tons of free, football themed fun. The best attraction to be seen amidst the mayhem? Definitely, definitely the Puppy Bowl Cafe.

puppy bowl

While the actual Puppy Bowl XII was filmed in NYC and airs on Animal Planet on Sunday, the Puppy Bowl Cafe is hosting live games everyday leading up to the main event just outside the Ferry Building in SF. With so many adorable pups so close to B+C HQ we knew we had to check it out. Scroll on down to see how the game we watched went down, which pups were the cutest and even what it’s like to be a “rufferee.”

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Meet the Star Players

Just like in the NFL, the star players rotate. There are two dozen (adoptable!!) puppies from San Francisco Animal Care & Control and the East Bay SPCA who take turns playing between 11AM and 8PM every day leading up to the main event. When we were there earlier this afternoon, four pit bull mixes were battling it out in game of pickup. Allow us to introduce you to the four star (and only) players who happen to all be named after characters from the classic board game Clue.

puppy bowl 3

Colonel Mustard: If Cam Newton was a puppy, he’d probably be Colonel Mustard. Definitely the MVP of this Puppy Bowl, Mustard wasn’t easily distracted by all the extra toys or adoring fans. This guy had his eye on the ball and was all about scoring those touchdowns.

puppy bowl 2

Professor Plum: Professor Plum was the team’s cheerleader more than anything else. This chunky dude definitely had some major action moments, but for the most part he was more into finding a cuddly lap to sit on.

puppy bowl 4

Mr. White: Technically, Mr. White and Colonel Mustard were on the same team, but we’re guessing some drama went down in the locker room before kickoff because these two were going head to head throughout all four quarters. Even with the sporadic sparring though, these two scored most of the touchdowns.

puppy bowl 1

Mrs. Peacock: As the only girl of the bunch, Mrs. Peacock definitely held her own with the boys. Don’t let those steel gray eyes fool you. Mrs. Peacock also played peacekeeper a time or two when Mr. White and Colonel Mustard were having one of their many spats.

Meet the “Rufferee”

puppy bowl 5

As far as sports jobs go, there isn’t really a more coveted position than that of a rufferee. Or like, at least we think so… Tommy Gimler was the rufferee at Thursday afternoon’s game and has actually overseen all Puppy Bowl Cafe games that have happened over the past few Super Bowl seasons. We decided to pick his brain about the perks and fall backs of his job on the field.

Hi Tommy! What’s life like as a puppy bowl rufferee?

It’s a lot of fun! The stars of the show are the puppies. Sometimes they like to rough house with each other – just like NFL players. So you have to break it up and get in between them. There aren’t a lot of flags. Sometimes they’re too cute so we’ll throw a flag for excessive cuteness. Unnecessary ruff ruff ruffness is also a big call. It’s the job of a lifetime, you know?

What would you say was the highlight of this game that you just ruffereed?

The pit bull mixes have put up 25 touchdown today which is by far a Puppy Bowl Cafe record. Two of them [Mr. White and Colonel Mustard] were on the same team and it was probably the best moment ever in the history of the Puppy Bowl Cafe when they kind of gave each other a look and then went head to head.

What’s the hardest part about your job?

Definitely trying to make sure they don’t break [my] skin! But hey, as a rufferee you understand it’s a risk that comes with the job.

puppy bowl 7

Important reminder! If you live in the Bay Area and have fallen in love with on of these pups, they are all up for adoption! Head over to Gott’s Roadside Cafe at the Ferry Building in San Francisco between 12PM and 8PM to make one of these pups your own.

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Photography: Victoria Haas