We *heart* Sharpies; they make the world a more colorful place. Armed with just a sharpie in hand, you can add a pop of color that will transform ordinary household objects into works of art. Here are 30 sharpie projects you just have to try. You can use a Sharpie to color just about any surface, including fabric, jewelry, wall paper, glass and ceramics.

The permanent markers have come a long way since their pen-and-paper drawing days. For one thing, they come in many more colors than the old primary black, red and blue. Neon, pastel, silver, gold, and white, anyone? Taking a Sharpie to ceramics is a fun and easy project. Colorful sharpies look great on plain white serving dishes. Here’s how to get started.


Gold and silver can add an especially nice touch when applied to clear glass. Alaina over at the Belle Vie dressed up ordinary wine glasses using metallic Sharpies and some stencils that she DIYed on her computer. First she chose a pretty script font that she liked, then she added a drop shadow for dramatic effect. When she had the words spelled out the way she wanted them, she printed out her stencils and taped them inside the glasses. Using her metalic Sharpies, she then carefully traced the letters. Using black, she traced the drop shadows. And voila! Gorgeous one-of-a-kind wine glasses, which she gifted to her mom. (Via The Belle Vie)

You will want to hand-wash your Sharpie dish designs, as washing them in a dishwasher will eventually fade the marker. If you want to add a marker design to dishes that will not wash away, Sharpie makes oil-based paint pens that will do the trick. They are available in craft stores and in the paint aisle of some big box home builder stores. They are a bit pricier than a regular Sharpie, but your designs will be dishwasher safe.

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