Questions: Why aren’t their any women featured on US currency? What does it mean to “throw like a girl?” And where are all the ladies in science? These are some of the need-to-ask questions circulating around SheKnows Media’s Femvertising Awards, a campaign dedicated to celebrating pro-female advertisements, messages and images. Over 100 ads were submitted by various companies including Lyft, Dove and Always that span categories such as Humor, Social Impact, Next Generation and Inspiration. Here are those 12 awesome ads that prove girls are epic and run the world (or at least, should).

1. Cardstore by American Greetings: #WorldsToughestJob: No salary, 365 days of work, standing up at all times, not being able to eat until your associate eats — real people were interviewed over video chat for this job. It sounds ridiculous, but the twist at the end might make you teary-eyed. We’re not going to spoil it for you. Watch it to find out.

2. HelloFlo: Full Moon Party: What if we celebrated getting our periods with Full Moon parties? Think bobbing for ovaries and pin the pad on the period. This hilarious ad considers the possibility, and it’s also a nice departure from the painful period ads that we’re used to seeing.

3. Sport England: This Girl Can: Missy Elliott’s “Get Your Freak On” accompanies this peppy montage of all the amazing, epic things girls can do. The video is a collection of beautiful women swimming laps, boxing, running and playing basketball. The mottos like “I jiggle therefore I am,” “Hot but not bothered,” and, our personal favorite, “Sweating like a pig, feeling like a fox,” were all created to get women in the UK moving, no matter their shape, age or size. We personally feel pretty empowered to hit the gym right now.

4. Dove + Twitter: #SpeakBeautiful: Last year, over five million negative Tweets about beauty and body image were sent out by women. But as this ad shows, it only takes one positive Tweet to start a trend. This ad is all about changing the way we think about beauty on social media. It’s all about positive affirmations, people.

5. Lyft: Rides to Success: In honor of International Women’s Day, Lyft and Dress for Success launched a partnership to donate 1,000 rides to low-income women en route to job interviews. All people had to do was share their best job interview tips with hashtag #RidestoSuccess on social media. For each tip shared, Lyft donated a ride to Dress for Success. So not only did you get to drop some sage advice, but you could potentially change someone’s life in a big way.

6. Women on 20s: Where Are the Girls on the Money?: Kids are asked the question: “Where are the girls on the money?” Their responses are adorable and impactful. Women on 20s is a campaign to put a woman’s face on the $20. Because isn’t it time for gender equality on our money?

7. Always: #LikeAGirl: Many of you probably already know about this ad. It definitely caught out attention. In fact, it even inspired our very own #iamcreative campaign. After all, what does it mean to run like a girl, throw like a girl and kick like a girl? Both children and adults are asked the same question, and their responses are radically different. This beautiful ad is focused on creating awareness and making sure girls everywhere keep their confidence throughout puberty and beyond.

8. Google: Made With Code: To be able to program is to be able to innovate. Unfortunately, less than 1% of girls are interested in computer science. In response to that statistic, Google has started an initiative to get women to start coding.

9. Microsoft: Girls Do Science: Seven out of ten girls are interested in science. Only two out of ten will pursue it as a career. What causes this gap? In this ad, girls speak out, and midway through are handed a letter that might change their minds.

10. Clif Bar & Company: Lunafest: If you haven’t heard of the 10-year-old female-film-maker-focused Lunafest, watch this trailer. The traveling short-film festival, created by LUNA Bar, celebrates the thought-provoking, artistic and original work of women filmmakers.

11. L’Oreal Paris: Women of Worth: Each year, L’Oreal Paris awards 10 incredible women with $10,000 to support their life-changing causes. Featuring appearances by Diane Keaton and Julianne Moore, this is another vid that might just have you reaching for the tissues.

12: Ram Trucks: Courage Inside: Ladies, have you ever thought you just didn’t have anything left in the tank? Well, you do. This awesome video has women in the great outdoors riding horses, surfing colossal waves and hunting in the snow. No matter who you are, you have the power to break down barriers.

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