In case you haven’t noticed, back to school season is officially here! And even if you’re not going back to school, it can be a fun time of year to update your workspace, shop for school supplies (obvs my favorite part of back to school, back in the day) and swoon over pretty patterned notebooks and notepads. The B+C Shop happens to be a great place to do all of that — here are some of our fave picks!

1. Jot It Down Notepad ($12): First up, this colorful kickoff reminds you to just jot it down. It doubles as a “don’t stress out over how much you have to do” mantra. And we love the color blocked shapes.

2. Forest Notebook ($7): Next up, this whimsical woodland pattern is on a great mustard shade for fall. Yes, your notebooks can be fashionable.

3. Striped Spectrum Notebook ($24): Pair this with your nautical striped pashmina afghan, yo!

4. Stockholm Pocket Notebook Set ($15): We’re digging the quirky designs on this hip set of notebooks. Buy the set for yourself and use each one for something different, or split ’em up among your friends or coworkers.

5. Do Something Awesome ($16): A good goal for every day, don’t you think?

6. Daydreams and Grocery Lists ($24): We love treating a good notebook as a catch-all for everything on our list, from daydreams to harebrained schemes :)

7. Grocery List Notepad ($11): It may seem old school, but it’s still super useful to keep a grocery list on display in your kitchen at all times. Why not make sure it can double as wall art?!

8. Black and White Tribal Print Travel Journal ($8): This graphic print ensures high fashion at all high-stress furious-note-taking times.

9. Hash Notebook ($7): Another graphic option, we love the hand-drawn nature of this minimalist patterned notebook.

10. Sidebound Notebook ($22): Still digging on spiral bound? Well you can leave the Five-Star in the school supplies section at Walgreens. This curvy color blocked notebook is just what you need.

11. Confetti Spectrum Notebook ($24): Polka dots! Confetti! Yes, your notebook can be a total party in your pocket.

12. Sunset Notebook ($7): And finally, one more handmade saddle-stitched notebooks from the design winners at Dozi Designs. This is definitely a color palette to bookmark for autumn style.

Where do you keep your notes? Online or offline? A mix of both? Talk to us over on Twitter, and be sure to hashtag #shopbrit.