August has been all about workspace organization here at Brit HQ, especially since we’re still settling into our new office digs. As a result, we held a bit of a friendly competition—a desk “pimping” competition. The contest was simple: Buy or DIY the most creative desk accessory. You may have already seen the Clip-On Desk Organizers that one of our designers DIY’ed.

From Lisa Frank to polka dots, our team turned out some impressive decor. How impressive? Read on to find out.

One of our mobile engineers created a diner-themed desk. And yes, his diner decor does shockingly resemble the pop-up pencil holders we recently created. Another one of our engineers built wireless charging into his desk. How does that work? He can literally set his phone on his desk, and it instantly starts charging. Ah-mazing.

Our Creative Director, Anj, pimped her desk with a Brit + Co. favorite—polka dots. The egg cups filled with M&M’s definitely didn’t hurt either. Our team might have eaten them all in one day.

Um, a DIY Nintendo desk? Yep, the dream of the 90’s is definitely alive at Brit HQ. Misty even wired her phone charger through the N64 controller. Also, can you spot the Zelda game on her desk? How rad is that?

And last, but not least, we even spotted some old school Lisa Frank on the desk of our editorial intern, Kate.

Since you guys are OUR biggest inspiration, we asked you to share your favorite desk accessories, too! Over the last few weeks, many of you have shown us your desks on Instagram and we wanted to share just a couple of our favorites.

We can’t get enough of that turquoise tea cup! And that hot pink desk? Swoon! Thanks for sharing @whitepeacockstyle, @delpinophotography, @anniekatrina, and @champagnethursdays!

What does your workspace look like? Share photos with us via Facebook (/britandco), Twitter (@brit), and Instagram (@britandco)!