There’s a Love Triangle Happening Between Simone Biles, Zac Efron and Her Olympic BF
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There’s a Love Triangle Happening Between Simone Biles, Zac Efron and Her Olympic BF

Simone Biles is certainly having the time of her life at the 2016 Olympics, hanging with her Taylor Swift-worthy #girlsquad and hooking herself up with prime opportunities (like heading into the world of Pretty Little Liars). As if winning multiple medals wasn’t amazing enough (go, girl, go!), now she has two of the hottest hunks around fighting for her. Though it’s all in good fun, of course, celeb cutie Zac Efron and Olympic gymnast Arthur Mariano (who has been referred to as Simone’s “Brazilian boyfriend”) are both vying for Biles’ attention and affection.

Simone and Arthur have been making us swoon over their adorableness since the games began, posting pics together and sending each other messages of support and congratulations. Seriously, these two are just as sweet as they are athletically talented.

While Simone calls Arthur her “Brazilian boyfriend,” he in turns posts admiring messages for her like, “Congrats BABE! You are doing an amazing job here at the Olympics. The crowd and all Brazilians (including me) love YOU! #Queen #fenomeno #Idol #Start #crush”

However, when Simone let it be known that she has another crush, this time actor Zac Efron, the star himself flew to Rio to meet his admirer.

And it turns out, he’s just as smitten.

Though Simone is surely on cloud nine while basking in the attention of two total ab-tastic cuties, the fellas aren’t willing to share. Arthur posted a new pic of himself giving Simone a big kiss, along with a lifting embrace with the caption, “Hey @zacefron I saw her first… She is my girl…” Of course, he also had to add some love for Simone, saying, “Proud of you Simone! You are phenomenal in whole world and special. You made history. Love u.”

Lucky gal! And she totally deserves it.

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(h/t Elle; photos via Alex Livesey/Getty)