If you live in jeans like we do, you know that a great-fitting pair is one of the most important pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. So why is it that a lot of the best denim out there is the least affordable? And when you do find a brand that makes budget-friendly blue jeans, it often seems like they’re not made for real women, with real bodies. Not anymore. The new line Warp and Weft is aiming to solve both of those problems — starting now.


Created by Sarah Ahmed, creative director of DL1961, Warp and Weft is offering jeans that cater to the majority. Citing statistics that show 67 percent of U.S. women are size 14 or above, Ahmed aims to “democratize denim,” launching a line that ranges from a size 0 to 24.

Rather than trendy silhouettes, Warp and Weft focuses on making classic styles with a flattering fit that ladies can live in. They’ve created unique fabrics that won’t stretch out or lose their shape — but will highlight yours. If you’ve ever worn a pair of DL1961 jeans, you know that when it comes to stretch denim, this team knows their stuff.

And while premium denim prices typically hit the three digit mark, Warp and Weft jeans are premium-quality, but all fall under $100. So looking like a million bucks doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. (We likey.) Made in a mill that uses sustainable practices like solar energy and water filtration to reduce their effect on the environment, these are jeans you can feel good about. BRB. we’re going shopping now.

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