As if heading the Honest Company weren’t enough, girlboss Jessica Alba is stepping into the world of fashion with a denim-based collaboration with DL1961.


“I wear so much of it,” Alba tells Vogue. “And there’s nothing like finding the perfect pair of jeans.” Agreed, especially when those jeans fit like a dream and make your assets totally on-point. *Wink.*

Alba adds: “The jeans that I’m designing are going to celebrate women’s bodies and show off those curves.”

What’s more, Alba says the line is inspired by her ‘90s teenage years, which is why she’ll be the face of its “grunge-inspired” Spring 2016 collection, which will pop up in stores in August. AKA, the perfect time for an end-of-summer / beginning-of-fall wardrobe, or as we like to call it, jean jacket season.

*Glances over at old denim jacket, wonders if a new one is in order and decides that, yes, of course it is*

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(h/t Vogue; photo via John Sciulli/Getty)