More so than ever, millennials are looking to social media for their daily dose of trending news and creative inspiration. Whether you scroll through your Instagram feed before getting out of bed or skim Pinterest boards during your work commute, everything you need to know is always right at your fingertips.

Here at Brit + Co, we love connecting with our readers wherever we can. Whether it’s Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter, we want you to be able to find creative inspiration through your favorite media. Just this past September, we launched the B+C Snapchat channel to take you behind the scenes at B+C HQ. And now, we’re taking our relationship with Snapchat to the next level with the launch of our Brit + Co channel on Snapchat Discover!

Brit + Co-snapchat-discover

For two weeks during the month of December, we will be sharing all things creative, colorful and holiday-related on Snapchat Discover. From festive DIYs to Christmas jingles to holiday recipes, you’re going to be seeing a LOT more of B+C. You know what else is cool? This is the first EVER holiday channel on Snapchat.


The holiday fun kicks off TODAY! As you recover from your turkey coma, grab your phone and open up your Snapchat app. What can you expect? How about a genius food hack for turning those Thanksgiving leftovers into pizza?! Or seven tips for picking out the perfect Christmas tree. The holidays are officially here, and we’ll be sharing DIYs and helpful tips all week long, November 27 through December 3. But we’re not done yet…


That’s right, we’ll be taking a short Snapchat break in early December to finish up some last-minute Christmas DIYing, but join us again from December 18 through December 24 for even more holiday fun. Need a white elephant gift? We’ve got you covered. Don’t know how to wrap presents? We’re sharing tips on creating the prettiest gifts ever. Yup… here at B+C, we really know how to tackle the HOLLA-DAYS ;)


We hope you’ll join us each day on Snapchat for a festive dose of B+C! And don’t forget to follow our own personal Snapchat channel to get a 24/7 behind-the-scenes look at the B+C HQ during the holidays. We promise lots of Christmas cookies, hot cocoa and carols! Happy snapping!