Not to be outdone by the new group of apps looking to steal pieces of the self-destructing message pie, Snapchat is upping their game and adding text and video chat features. Aw, forget the cheeky photo swap app you knew and loved, our little Snapchat is growing up before our very eyes. Shucks, it feels like just six seconds ago we saw our first clock-ticking, painted-on picture…

Banter offers a disappearing chatroom, #Pop is an app that lets you send GIFs between friends, Selfie360 and Samba let you message buds in the app selfies and videos, but Snapchat ain’t scurred. And to prove it in their latest update, it looks like they wants to take more than just what’s rightfully “theirs” — they’re stepping into the What’s App arena with texting, plus joining the FaceTime game with video chats.

You’ll now be able to message your friends within the app in a setting that looks super similar to iMessage.

The Send button will light up blue to signal that the other person is reading what you’re writing. If they’re around, you can switch to video chat in real-time.

With new feature “Here,” you’ll see which of your friends are online and able to chat. Incredibly helpful when you’re on a fro-yo run (nice nail art btw!).

Watch out, FaceTime and Skype, even Grandpas Snapchat now! If a relative is missing out on your graduation IRL, you can summon them via the app and alternate between your front and rear-facing cameras to give him the cap-and-gown shot or the view of the crowd. PS: Good luck explaining spam Snapchat bots to your Pop Pop!

Big bonus for those of us who want to send snappier shots (haha or screengrabs of texts/ridiculous Tinder profiles?) — now you’ll be able to pull in photos from your camera roll to send to your fellow Snapchatters.

And of course, not everything has to change — text convos and videos won’t be saved, they’ll disappear every time you exit them and return to your inbox. The update should be rolling out to a Snapchat near you later today.

What do you use Snapchat for? Will these new features enhance the app for you? Dish with us below!