When we were little, those first hours of each weekend AM were reserved for a few very important things: cartoons and cereal. Now we want to give you something just as delicious as sugary milk and soggy carbs: our favorite recent app downloads.

1. DIY Nano: Encourage the whole fam to geek out and get their DIY on with this download. You’ll unlock the Bill Nye spirit with easy-to-do experiments for you and your mini makers with the app’s step-by-step instructions and videos. Best yet, they’re designed to do with materials easy to dig up at home — perfect for a rainy (or snowy) day in!

This app’s most recent upgrade offers four new activities, a ton of new videos, easier ways to share them and the ability to print out the activity PDFs.

Cost: Free

2. PopAGraph: This app could also be called “Pimp My Pic.” If your Instagram-ing has become a little stale, this will freshen it up and make your simple snaps little works of art. First time users might feel a little overwhelmed with options, but the app takes you through every step with videos that explain each effect.

Like Photoshop for your phone, you can make different parts of your pix pop, filter specific selections, then add text or even music to videos. PopAGraph away and watch those Likes just rack up.

Cost: Free, add-ons like new filter packs are $.99 each or $2.99 for the Get Everything Pack — worth it if you want to experiment with all the app has to offer.

3. Alice: Make traveling a little less stressful and being a tourist a lot less lame with Alice, a virtual concierge that will save you a trip to the desk.

Use it to make reservations at restaurants or the spa, Order anything from dinner to a toothbrush up to your room. Call a cab to pick you up outside and take you to a show. And, yes, you guessed it. You bought those tickets through Alice. She even allows you to fill out a form that lets you finish the much more vague thought: “I want to…” to hook you up with an experience best suited for you and your fellow travelers. Thanks, girl!

Alice is currently available at HIlton properties and a couple other hotel groups but we can’t wait til it travels with us around the world.

Cost: Free

4. WonderWoof: New late last year and updated just this week, WonderWoof lets you stay connected to your dog virtually by tracking their health and social activities. And yes, we mean the Twitter kind too.

Set up exercise goals for a pudgy pooch and celebrate with virtual bone badges when he reaches them. High paw! Owners can set up reminders for vet checkups, grooming appointments and any and all of your pup’s food or playtime needs.

It’s time your mutt got his own social media and WonderWoof wants you to hook it up to a live Twitter or Facebook feed to share what’s up during your dog’s day and how many bones he’s collected. #HumbleBrag much, Rover?

The company is working on a precise tracking device called the BowTie, a too-cute 3D printed accessory that hooks up to your pup’s collar. Pre-order now and get a 10% discount when it’s available over the summer.

Cost: App is free, BowTie $TBD!

5. #Pop: The destination app for your friends who prefer to speak exclusively in GIFs (you know who you are, Emperors of Epic Moving Email Chains), this is like a meme-filled Snapchat. Take your own photos and videos and send them to your friends mixed with a Beyonce or cat-flying-through-space twist.

Cost: App is free, as long as you don’t put a pricetag on all the time you’re going to spend/waste on it.

What’s app-ening on your phone this week? Share your favorite recent app downloads below!