Let’s be real: Most of us have an addiction to shoes. When we think of the history of fashion’s favorite accessory, we typically think of the evolution of the heel or even the ballet flat. We don’t usually think of our beloved sneakers. Those sneaks have had a surprisingly interesting evolution of their own, from the basic fitness shoe to high-fashion steppers. A recently opened exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum traces the sneak’s journey through “The Rise of Sneaker Culture.”

Chuck Taylor

Nowadays, it’s the norm for lots of athletes and other celebrities endorse kicks. Everyone from Michael Jordan to Selena Gomez have been featured in ads for sneakers. The first celeb endorsement traces all the way back to 1921 when basketball player Chuck Taylor was tapped by Converse. Almost 100 years later, All Stars are still a trend.


The exhibit also goes through other trends in athletic footwear — everything from the birth of Nike in the ’70s to luxury labels like Gucci and Prada getting on the sneaker bandwagon. The #sneakerculture exhibit will be on display through October 4 and is definitely worth checking out for any fashionista or sneaker lover.


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