Whether it’s because you’re trudging through a sidewalk full of leaves or because your feet ache from a week of work, there are some days when wearing heels just isn’t an option. Fortunately for us, we always have a backup plan — flats! We’re not just talking ballet flats here. This cool weather calls for d’Orsay flats, loafers, oxfords and so many more. Check out 28 of our most favorite pairs to rock for the rest of fall.

1. Little Rock Glitter Ballet Flats ($42): We’re starting off with a little glitz, because every gal needs a good pair of party shoes. These’ll probably become your go-to pair, but that’s alright — they look a little bit different with every outfit you wear ’em with.

2. Choiven Flats ($40): It’s often difficult to find shoes to wear to work, because you want them to be stylish, versatile and comfortable all at the same time. Lucky for us, these flats seem to have solved that problem.

3. Ladybug Pointed Ballet Flats ($23): How adorable! These pointed flats have Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday written all over them. And just imagine them paired with your favorite fall sweats.

4. Libeccio Flats ($70): D’Orsay flats make our hearts sing. And when they’re embroidered? Perfection.

5. Of Your Own Accordion Flats ($45): These shoes almost make us wish we had a school uniform to wear them with. Almost.

6. Amalia Skimmers ($218): Asymmetrical style is hotter than ever, and it’s made its way into the world of shoes. We certainly aren’t complaining.

7. Red Stud Back Pointed Flats ($42): Don’t be afraid to be bold with your footwear, ladies. These bright flats will add a pop of color to any outfit, and the studs in the back make ’em even cooler.

8. Jelly Love D’Orsay Flats ($28): Jelly shoes are making a comeback, and we’re so pumped about it. This time, though, we’re seeing a lot less sparkly pink and a lot more sleek black.

9. Little Rock Ballet Flats in Check ($42): Color block? Check. Check? Check.

10. Tassel Flats ($138): It’s pretty easy to overdo tassels on shoes, but Klub Nico nailed it. These are the exact pair of statement shoes that you need to pair with that LBD.

11. Abbee Ankle Strap Flats ($69): There’s just something about plaid that screams FALL, you know? If you live in an area that doesn’t get too chilly during these months, these are perfect for a picnic or a little stroll through the park.

12. Maggie May Pointed Flat Shoes ($38): Glossy black shoes are automatically fancy, making these black oxfords an affordable asset. They’d look great paired with a cute dress and tights.

13. Step Rally Flats ($50): Apparently, tie prints look even better on shoes. Seriously, this is a job well done.

14. T-Bar Flat Shoes ($54): Remember summer’s T-strap shoes? The style is still going strong well into fall. But for this season, pair with distressed boyfriend jeans cuffed just above the ankle.

15. Ceara Tassel Suede Loafers ($65): This pair of loafers is so classy that it deserves to be worn in an old library full of scholarly novels in glass cases. Or, you know, to a party.

16. Partita Flats ($98): Never could we ever have imagined a pair of ballet shoes crossed with sparkly flats. Never.

17. Maggie May Pointed Flats in Green ($38): These green flats are the fun, quirky sister of those glossy oxfords above. We’d like to be automatic best friends with anyone who wears these.

18. Baker’s Dozen Flats in Yellow ($33): This is just the little bit of sunshine we needed in this roundup. People tend to shy away from yellow, but it works oh-so-well with warm fall wardrobes.

19. Rostova Skimmers ($110): Okay, these are officially the most beautiful pair of deep red suede shoes to ever exist upon this planet.

20. Minty Fresh Leather Flat Shoes ($67): Not only are these shoes exceptionally stylish, but that tiny heel provides really good support for your feet as well.

21. Harla Textured Woven Loafers ($30): What we love most about black and white printed shoes is that they work for every single season of the year. Seriously, imagine these in summer and then imagine them in winter. Perfection, both times.

22. Morganne Slingback Flats ($65): The little bow at the back adds a wonderful girly touch. These are quite high up on our wish list.

23. Flat Shoes with Bow ($36): Looking for more fashionable shoes for work? Found ’em! These flats are Olivia Pope-worthy, people.

24. Vanessa Flats ($148): Oh my shiny goodness. Our jaws just dropped all the way to the floor.

25. Gatinha Flats ($70): Can you say holy cutouts and stripes? Because we can, a hundred times over.

26. Seccombe Flats ($50): Mixed media shoes are amazing, because they add a whole lot of visual interest. This red hot pair is definitely party-ready.

27. Marshall Flat Shoes ($38): Leaving the entire time period thing aside, these are definitely the fantastic blue suede shoes that Elvis was singing about. Definitely.

28. Natalee Pointed Toe Loafers ($65): And finally, more black and white flats. Just because you can never have enough (especially if they have a bow on ’em!).

Which pair of flats is your favorite? Share it with us in the comments below!