One of the most frustrating things in our “always on” world is getting caught somewhere without any battery left in your phone or gadget. Even if you bring your charger everywhere, chances are you might still be stuck somewhere without an outlet, meaning you’re plain out of luck. Until now. A new Kickstarter campaign, SolePower, aims to create a new charger, powered by your steps!

That’s right — you can literally walk your way to a fully charged phone. The device will basically function as an insole: just stick it in your shoe and walk! You hook the sole up to a battery which can either go around your ankle or clip onto the top of your shoe. When you need a charge, unplug the battery and plug it into your device. This isn’t just a great way to power your phone, it can also be used to power other devices including e-readers and portable music players (like our fave, the Jambox).

Between 2.5-5 miles of walking will get you a full iPhone charge… you’re probably walking that much each day already! The recommended 10,000 steps you’re supposed to be taking a day for good health is equal to approximately 5 miles. So if you’re not already walking enough to charge your phone, this could even function as a fitness incentive!

Think of all the possibilities here: this thing could be great for hikers that want to keep a GPS powered up, those who may face natural disasters and want to keep a cell phone handy, and those in developing nations who may not have access to a reliable power source.

The project has 15 days to go, so be sure to head over to Kickstarter if you want your very own. You can snag the insole for a pledge of $100.

Is this the future of portable power? How do you keep your phone charged when out and about? Talk to us in the comments below or over on Twitter.