Oh Jambox, how do we love thee? It’s no secret that we’ve fully subscribed to the cult of the Jambox. We simply love rocking out and doing so with ease and portability. When the Big Jambox came out, we added a carrying strap for truly portable sound, in the style of the boomboxes we grew up with.

And now the folks at Jawbone are at it again, this time with JAMBOX: The Remix. This brand new offering lets you redesign the iconic JAMBOX by choosing the colors of the speaker (aka grill) and caps (the top and bottom).

First, a little bit about the Jambox. This itty bitty speaker is easy to throw in your purse or bag, and connects to your devices via Bluetooth for pretty incredible sound. Jambox’s big bro, the Big Jambox, is a great item for home or office speakers, but is not quite as portable.

The Remix means you can forget about plain old options like gray, blue, black, red, and white. Go for yellow and blue, purple and green, silver and gold – there are more than 100 possible color combinations to choose from. Whether you’re buying one as a gift for someone and want to personalize it with team colors, or simply want a speaker that looks as bold and bright as the sound it produces, Jambox the Remix is the perfect thing.

The Remix is currently open to Jawbone Insiders and influential Klout users through Monday, 8/27. Be sure to check out Klout to see if you’re eligible for a sneak preview! The service opens to the public on Tuesday, 8/28.

Like the original Jambox, the Remix variety goes for $199.99 – a pretty great deal for such fun customization.

What colors would you select for your perfect Jambox? Any other wireless speakers we should be keeping our eye on? Talk to us in the comments below or find us on Twitter. And keep rocking!