We love all things nostalgic as much as we love all things tech, which is why we couldn’t be giddier over this new announcement that centers around our fave old-school phone. Ditch your plans for a SUPER expensive new iPhone and put aside your SUPER popular Android, because the Nokia 3310 is making an epic return.

woman on cellphone

Initially released back in 2000, the Nokia 3310 was the very first phone for plenty of millennials, which has given it more than its fair share of nostalgic value. Fondly remembered as a “brick” because of its now seemingly hefty bulkiness, it may not have had the slim, capable attributes of a modern phone (which we rarely still use as a phone, TBH), but it’s still undeniably a beloved piece of tech for many folks.

Nokia 3310

That’s why Nokia is reportedly planning on bringing it back. According to Venture Beat, along with the launch of the Nokia 3, 5 and 6, they’ll be introducing a “3310 homage.”

A “modern version” and “new incarnation” of the ‘00s fave, the 3310 will sell for around $65, which makes it a relatively affordable option, but we’ll just have to wait and see how it will manage to incorporate everything we expect in a phone these days (i.e. apps, camera and the ability to hold it up without developing an ache in our wrists).

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(h/t Venture Beat; photos via Cultura RM Exclusive/Photolove + Science & Society Picture Library/Getty)