Although it may seem like every single person you know and their mothers use iPhones (and maybe even updates every year), that’s apparently not how it is in reality.

Samsung Unveils Its New Galaxy Note 7

Almost nine out of every 10 smartphones on this planet are using the Android operating system, according to a study by a company called Strategy Analytics. Shipments for Android increased about 10 percent since last year, while Apple’s shipments decreased 5 percent in that same time.

This could perhaps be attributed to the fact that Apple has not done any revolutionary upgrades to their phone in a while (although that could change next year when the company premieres the iPhone 8). And for those people who are dead set against the Apple OS, they’ve run out of options. Blackberry, Microsoft and Samsung’s Tizen OS have all but disappeared, leaving Android as the only other major competitor.

And Android appears on TONS of different phones, not just one like iOS. Although, the report warned that Google’s new Pixel phones could jeopardize the universality of the Android operating system. Device-makers who are currently using the Android operating system could see the new phones as a threat and decide to go with another operating system.

Whatever the outcome, the global state of smartphones is probably a lot more diverse than you realize. We’ll all just have to stay tuned and see what happens.

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(h/t CNBC; photo via Getty Images)