Oh Boy. The Next iPhone Might Be SUPER Expensive
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Oh Boy. The Next iPhone Might Be SUPER Expensive

Apple has received its fair share of flak and praise for every iteration of the iPhone, mainly due to their willingness to take big risks (case in point: the disappearing headphone jack). The rumor mill has been alive and well since the iPhone 7 came out, and the latest hot goss on the iPhone 8 (7S?) is bad news for your wallet.

KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo, probably the most famous and reliable Apple analyst out there, pretty much confirmed we’ll see wireless charging in this year’s iPhone. Unfortunately, there’s a big, pricey downside. In that same report, Kuo said that along with this new feature, we’re going to see a pretty drastic price hike.

Because of the extra heat that the wireless charging component generates inside the phone, Apple has had to add a graphite layer to contain the heat so users don’t feel the difference. So what’s the cost of such a fabulous new phone — with features we’ve been waiting on FOREVER? Drum roll, please…

Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000. Wowza. That’s nearly as much as a base model MacBook Pro (sans Touch Bar). But the new price point is unlikely to deter devoted fans, and if Apple does a good enough job wowing everyone with the new phone, it’s likely Apple will even see some new fans. And if the cost of wireless charging — which, let’s face it, there are already cases that let you do that — is too high, it sounds like we’ll be getting two 8/7S models, which will likely be a lot cheaper.

Keep in mind, none of this has been confirmed by Apple and we won’t know for certain until this fall when the new handset is released.

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(h/t Forbes, photos via Chesnot/Getty + Getty)