One thing that I love about winter is the huge range of seasonal soups fill you up and warm you up. Warm summer days aren’t exactly conducive to enjoying a hearty stew. But just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you should rule soup out. These refreshing varieties provide light and fresh meals full of fruits and veggies perfect for slurping up all summer long.

1. White Gazpacho: The presentation of this soup is simply beautiful and really sets it apart. But the flavors (garlic, grapes, almonds, lavender) make this a must for your summer table. (Recipe and photo: Lost Past Remembered)

2. Green God Gazpacho: Throw a bunch of fresh ingredients in a blender and you’ve got this yummy green soup. This is so ridiculously easy and ridiculously refreshing — perfect to whip up on a lazy summer afternoon! (Recipe and photo: Dorm Room Dinner)

3. Chilled Cantaloupe Soup: This light soup is just the right mix of sweet and tangy and the gorgeous color couldn’t be more appetizing. (Recipe and photo: Natural Noshing)

4. Avocado Soup: Nothing really says California in the summer more than avocado. Except maybe this chilled avocado soup. (Recipe and photo: Tasty Trix)

5. Sugar Snap Pea Soup: If you don’t count garnish or salt and pepper, this recipe is basically two ingredients. We like how simple this soup is because it really lets the flavor of the sugar snaps speak for itself. (Recipe and photo: Daily Waffle)

6. Summer-Fruit Soup: Brunch-appropriate soup with all of our favorite summer fruits and a healthy dose of White Zin? Please count us in. (Recipe and photo: My Recipes)

7. Bloody Mary Gazpacho: This cocktail-inspired recipe packs a nice spicy punch and is a fun take on the classic tomato gazpacho. Vodka not included, so you might want to pair it with a real cocktail. ;) (Recipe and photo: Note to Self)

8. Apricot Soup: This bright soup just screams “summertime.” With just the right amount of creaminess, this is a special lunchtime treat. (Recipe and photo: My French Kitchen)

9. Strawberry Gazpacho: This is a surprising twist on gazpacho. The berry base combined with the lime juice and lemon balsamic give this a nice zing. Leaving it in the fridge for a day makes it taste even better, so it’s a perfect one to make the night before for lunch on-the-go. (Recipe and photo: With Style and Grace)

10. Cold Asparagus Soup: We’re loving the rich green color of this asparagus soup. The preparation here really brings out the flavor of the asparagus. (Recipe and photo: Pham Fatale)

11. Chilled Peach Soup: This peachy keen concoction is the perfect excuse to spend an afternoon at the local farmer’s market to buy the best summer peaches. (Recipe and photo: Someone Left the Cake Out in the Rain)

12. Mint Yogurt Soup: This is the perfect recipe to cool off with on a really hot day. The yogurt and mint combo is utterly invigorating. (Recipe and photo: A Brown Table)

What refreshing soup recipe do you cool down with during the summer months? Talk to us in the comments below or over on Twitter.