While the beach is the perfect place for laying around and soaking up the sun, we do love getting our sweat on. Whether it’s through a game of volleyball or tossing around a frisbee, there are enough ways to turn your beach day into a secret workout. And if you and your friends have been looking for some new games to play at the beach, you’re in luck. A few weeks ago, during the season finale of Shark Tank, Spikeball sealed a pretty awesome deal with an investor.


Now you’re probably wondering, “What the heck is Spikeball?!” This incredibly competitive sport is seriously the coolest game to hit up beaches since volleyball and frisbee. Although Spikeball has been around since the ’80s, it’s been gaining a lot of popularity over recent years, with more than 250,000 players in the United States and 1,000 nationally ranked teams. It’s also become a sensation at college campuses across the country.


The beauty of Spikeball is that it can be played at the beach or in your backyard — pretty much any location where you have lots of open space. A hybrid of volleyball and foursquare, Spikeball requires players to pass a ball across a circular net until a team reaches 21 points. Sounds simple, right?


To play, all you need are four friends, your Spikeball gear ($53) and lots of room to run around. Once you have all your supplies, you’re ready to start a serious game. Each team has two players. The objective is to bounce the ball across the net without the other team stealing the pass. Each team gets three passes to return the ball off the net. If a team fails to bounce the ball across the net within three passes, they’ll lose a point, and it’s the opposing team’s turn to serve. You can view the official game rules here.

The equipment is easy to transport and you can basically play in any location. Plus, this sport is super active and the rules are easy to learn. If you’re dying to try out this new beach game with your friends, grab yourself a Spikeball net set here.

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