You read that right. It’s time to Stamp Yo Face! Also known as turn your gorgeous visage into a custom-made rubber stamp. How sweet is that?

No, custom rubber stamps aren’t new. What’s cool about this company is the fact that you can send in any photo you want. Then a designer will turn your face into a hand-drawn portrait, perfect for transforming you into a “lovable rubber creation.” Talk about bespoke!

Along with your stamp, you’ll receive the original hand-drawn portrait that was made from your photo, a digital version of the portrait, and a black ink pad so you can get stamping right away. An individual portrait stamp costs $65, and a stamp that features you and your boo is $100. Pretty darn reasonable considering original artwork is part of the deal!

We think these would be awesome to have for weddings, holiday cards and gift tags and even for creating accent walls, wrapping paper and… more! So many things that we’re forced to employ run-on sentences just to talk about it! :)

Get your own stamp right here, and be sure to check out Stamp Yo Face on Instagram for inspiration.

What would you use a stamp of your face for? Talk to us in the comments below.