We’ve already established that standing up at work is a very important daily routine to implement in your nine to five. Not only does the use of a standing desk help you meet your fitness goals, but it’s also just good for your bod in general. But for those of us that are missing out on the luxury that is a standing desk, the next best thing we can do is get up and do a lap around the office once an hour — trying our hardest to skip all the snacks in the kitchen in the process ;) Now there’s a Mac app for that, making you pause your work + getting you out of your seat every 60 minutes.

stand app

Stand is a “pay what you want” DL for Macs that is a simple notification tool to help you make standing up at the office a habit. Intrigued by the Apple Watch feature that gives wearers a reminder to stand up every hour and walk around — FYI, other wearables do this too — creators Red Davis and Hector Simpson wanted to give people that aren’t into having a wearable wrapped around their wrist an in-your-face reminder to get vertical throughout the day.

After downloading the app, simply choose when in the hour you want that stand up notification to pop up on your screen with Stand’s intuitive interface, and once an hour until you head out for the day you’ll be told it’s “Time to stand up!” Voila, a healthier workday c/o a DL.

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