Star Wars Day (#MayThe4thBeWithYou) is here in all its intergallactic glory, and whether you鈥檙e planning a viewing party at home (find all your geeked-out Star Wars聽essentials here), or just showing your support with your favorite Forever 21 Star Wars tee, you鈥檙e definitely not alone in celebrating the much-lauded franchise.

Daisy Ridley (who recently celebrated her 24th bday in epic fashion), Mark Hamill and several other Star Wars, uh, 鈥渇riends,鈥 used their force for good this year, matching up to $1 million dollars in donations for charities of fans鈥 choice in a Force for Change campaign. And it was incredibly successful. So far, the campaign has far surpassed its goal, raising more than $2,137,000 between fans and Force for Change. Other celebs like Rachel Bilson and Ruby Rose fangirled out via social media 鈥 heck, even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg himself got in on the fun! Check out our roundup of the star set鈥檚 best Star Wars nods below.

1. Mark Hamill: Luke supported the Force for Change cause with this sweet snap that read 鈥淒on鈥檛 donate for me 鈥 donate for THIS guy.鈥 (via @HamillHimself)

2. Daisy Ridley: The reigning Star Wars Queen herself was happy to celebrate her legacy鈥檚 big day, posting a series of still shots that ended with this snap of her makeup team getting her Star Wars ready. 鈥淭his is team Dazzle鈥 AKA the incredible women that kept me going the whole way through the shoot,鈥 she says. (via @daisyridley)

3. Miss Piggy: Miss Piggy appealed to Mark Hamil AKA Luke himself with this plea for a Star Wars movie appearance. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e my only hope鈥 of getting into the next Star Wars movie!鈥 she begs, adding, 鈥淢ay the 4th be with you, Marky!鈥 Oh, Piggy: Once a diva, always a diva! (via @misspiggy)

4. Sarah Michelle Gellar: Though SMG posted a series of quotes from the movie on her Twitter account, she refused to miss out on the fun IRL, even while traveling. 鈥淛ust because I鈥檓 at the airport AGAIN doesn鈥檛 mean I can鈥檛 celebrate,鈥 she quipped. (via @sarahmgellar)

#maythe4thbewithyou 馃挮

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5. Jenny McCarthy: Rocking a 鈥淭upacca鈥 tee and wielding a saber, Jenny McCarthy posted this hilarious shot, saying #maythe4thbewithyou to her followers with a space emoji. (via @jennymccarthy)

May the 4th be with you #meanttobe

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6. Rachel Bilson: Longtime Star Wars fan Rachel Bilson posted this sweet throwback, saying 鈥淢ay the 4th be with you. #meanttobe.鈥 (via @rachelbilson)

7. Ruby Rose: Ruby paid homage to the beloved flick by posting these shots of herself as both Princess Leia and a resistance fighter, saying 鈥淪eriously guys鈥 May the 4th be with you and you and you and you too.鈥 (via @rubyrose)

8. Holly Madison: The former 鈥済irl next door鈥 shared this Star Wars themed family portrait in celebration of the franchise. (via @hollymadison)

9. Laverne Cox: We鈥檙e not entirely sure if the OITNB star intentionally went all out for the occasion for her appearance at the YouTube Creator鈥檚 Summit today or if she coincidentally was rocking a Vader-style cape and leather gloves, but either way, we鈥檙e into it. (via @lavernecox)

Happy @StarWars Day! Finally got my hands on a gold bikini. #MayThe4thBeWithYou

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10. Elizabeth Banks: Recreating Princess Leia鈥檚 famous scene with Jabba the Hut, Elizabeth writes, 鈥淔inally got my hands on a gold bikini!鈥 (via @elizabethbanks)

Team meeting. Has anyone seen my lint brush?

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11. Mark Zuckerberg: The Facebook founder pretty much won Star Wars Day by posting this 鈥渢eam meeting鈥 with Chewbacca and Co. 鈥淗as anyone seen my lint brush?鈥 he asks? (It was a busy day in the office, indeed 鈥 Gwyneth Paltrow was also spotted selfie-ing at HQ. Maybe she wanted in on the fun?) (via @zuck)

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