15 Ways to Celebrate Your Inner Geek on Star Wars Day
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15 Ways to Celebrate Your Inner Geek on Star Wars Day

A not so long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, our love for the iconic Star Wars saga was born. From the epic Han-and-Leia romance to the Mos Eisley Cantina scene and, of course, Yoda, this series will always hold a place in our sci-fi-lovin’ hearts. And since today is officially #StarWarsDay, we are bringing you all kinds of Star Wars-themed ideas, DIYs and recipes to celebrate. Scroll on down to take a look at these 15 ideas for honoring Star Wars Day and may the 4th, er, force be with you.

1. DIY Wampa Head: This project takes taxidermy to the next level. We’re guessing you have to be a pretty hardcore George Lucas fan to put this together. (via Our Nerd Home)

2. Free Printable Masks: We doubt these masks will make you know six million languages like C-3PO, but they’re fun to have on hand at the office or at a kid’s party. (via Oh My Fiesta)

3. Star Wars Photo Booth: Once you’ve created your own starry background, use your Photoshopping skills to put a Star Wars title over your pictures. (via Atta Girl Says)

4. Death Star Piñata: No Star Wars party would be complete without a Death Star. It will be way more fun when you get to “blow it up.” (via Building Blocks)

5. Darth Vader Decal: Celebrate the epic movie all year long by using contact paper to put Darth Vader’s face on a coffee mug. These would also look great over party cups at your kiddo’s party. (via Skona Hem)

5. Lantern Planets: Teach your jedi-in-training all about the known universe with these DIY lantern planets. And don’t forget the forest moon of Endor. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

7. Star Wars Party Mix: Who doesn’t want to find Yoda and Chewbacca in their party mix? Your kids will be asking for it all year long. (via Kix)

8. Bubble Wars: Buy out your nearest dollar store of all their blue and green bubble wands for an epic bubble battle. (via Hostess With the Mostess)

9. Themed Food: If you want to go all out in the food and snack department, check out these fun themed foods. Then you can have the thrill of asking for a Yoda soda and a wookie cookie. (via Hello My Sweet)

10. Photo Booth Props: How adorable are those Yoda ears? We suggest creating a Chewbacca mane too. (via Building Blocks)

11. Pool Noodle Sabers: When you’re a kid, anything can be a lightsaber, which is why the creation of these noodlesabers is brilliant. (via Lemon Squeezy Home)

12. Space Ship: Get your little ones zoom zooming in their very own Star Wars-style space ship. Plus you can break it out again for Halloween. (via Kate’s Creative Space)

13. R2D2 Water: We didn’t realize how much water bottles look like our little adventurous friend until now. You love it. We know. (via Pink Peppermint Paper)

14. Ewok Cookies: These little ewok cookies are *almost* too adorable to eat. (via Semi Sweet)

15. Hovercraft Boxes: Watching your favorite flick of the series is an obvious must-do activity for Star Wars Day. Make it even more fun with some cardboard hovercrafts. (via Building Blocks)

How will you celebrate Star Wars Day? Tell us your plans below!