A not so long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, our love for the iconic Star Wars saga was born. From the epic Han-and-Leia romance to the Mos Eisley Cantina scene and, of course, Yoda, this series will always hold a place in our sci-fi-lovin’ hearts. And since today is officially #StarWarsDay, we are bringing you all kinds of Star Wars-themed ideas, DIYs and recipes to celebrate. Scroll on down to take a look at these 15 ideas for honoring Star Wars Day and may the 4th, er, force be with you.

diy wampa head

1. DIY Wampa Head: This project takes taxidermy to the next level. We’re guessing you have to be a pretty hardcore George Lucas fan to put this together. (via Our Nerd Home)

star wars masks

2. Free Printable Masks: We doubt these masks will make you know six million languages like C-3PO, but they’re fun to have on hand at the office or at a kid’s party. (via Oh My Fiesta)

starry photobooth

3. Star Wars Photo Booth: Once you’ve created your own starry background, use your Photoshopping skills to put a Star Wars title over your pictures. (via Atta Girl Says)

death star pinata

4. Death Star Piñata: No Star Wars party would be complete without a Death Star. It will be way more fun when you get to “blow it up.” (via Building Blocks)

darth vader decal

5. Darth Vader Decal: Celebrate the epic movie all year long by using contact paper to put Darth Vader’s face on a coffee mug. These would also look great over party cups at your kiddo’s party. (via Skona Hem)

planet lanterns

5. Lantern Planets: Teach your jedi-in-training all about the known universe with these DIY lantern planets. And don’t forget the forest moon of Endor. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

star wars snack mix

7. Star Wars Party Mix: Who doesn’t want to find Yoda and Chewbacca in their party mix? Your kids will be asking for it all year long. (via Kix)

bubble wars

8. Bubble Wars: Buy out your nearest dollar store of all their blue and green bubble wands for an epic bubble battle. (via Hostess With the Mostess)

themed food

9. Themed Food: If you want to go all out in the food and snack department, check out these fun themed foods. Then you can have the thrill of asking for a Yoda soda and a wookie cookie. (via Hello My Sweet)

photo booth props

10. Photo Booth Props: How adorable are those Yoda ears? We suggest creating a Chewbacca mane too. (via Building Blocks)

pool noodle lightsabers

11. Pool Noodle Sabers: When you’re a kid, anything can be a lightsaber, which is why the creation of these noodlesabers is brilliant. (via Lemon Squeezy Home)

diy ship

12. Space Ship: Get your little ones zoom zooming in their very own Star Wars-style space ship. Plus you can break it out again for Halloween. (via Kate’s Creative Space)

r2d2 water

13. R2D2 Water: We didn’t realize how much water bottles look like our little adventurous friend until now. You love it. We know. (via Pink Peppermint Paper)

ewok cookies

14. Ewok Cookies: These little ewok cookies are *almost* too adorable to eat. (via Semi Sweet)

star wars ship boxes

15. Hovercraft Boxes: Watching your favorite flick of the series is an obvious must-do activity for Star Wars Day. Make it even more fun with some cardboard hovercrafts. (via Building Blocks)

How will you celebrate Star Wars Day? Tell us your plans below!