With the recent release of Rouge One: A Star Wars Story and the tragic loss of our beloved Princess Leia, Instababes across the globe decided to deck out their digits with lightsabers, Death Stars and Stormtroopers to pay tribute — and we’re in love! Whether you’re a Star Wars fan or not, these swoon-worthy nails might just turn you to the dark (or light) side. Need some inspo for your own set of nails? Check out each design, below.

1. Ugly Sweater: Keep your nails warm while you watch the movie with these ugly sweater-inspired nails. With a Santa Darth Vader and a reindeer Stormtrooper, these nails are the perfect match-up for the post-holiday season.

2. Thumb Accents: Let your thumbs be the stars of the show with these badass designs. Accent this look with a lightsaber and you’re good to go.

3. R2D2 Snow Flakes: Beep Boop! These nails have us going crazy because they’re so cute! The reflective polish makes the robotic accent really stand out.

4. Robotic Characters: Wear your favorite Star Wars characters on every other nail to show your love for the movie. Accent with cosmic nail polish to make this look really stand out.

5. Minimalistic: If you want to take the minimalistic approach, this design is perfect for you. Nothing screams welcome to the dark side quite like these nails.

6. C3PO: R2D2’s companion is the perfect fit for your mani. Make it shine with gold glittery nail polish to match your nighttime style this winter season.

7. Black and Gold: Keep things simple with this Rebel accent nail. Top with a matte coat to give it a villainous look for 2017.

8. Copper: Instead of rocking gold or silver, take your nails to a whole new galaxy with a copper finish. Top it off with black Star Wars decals to complete your Jedi look.

9. Darth Vader: Isn’t this mani cute AF? Switch it up by accenting your nail with a gold Darth Vader decal for a glittery take on this design.

10. Abstract: Show your love for your fave robotic sidekick with this abstract design. Wear this design with your worn-in Star Wars shirt to make the whole look come together.

11. Negative Nail: When you don’t want anything flashy, try this design on for size. Lay it over a glitter polish to add some texture for an elevated take.

12. Candy Trooper: Bring out your inner Stormtrooper with this candy-inspired hue. This mani will be a sure crowd-pleaser during a GNO. We guarantee.

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