Oh, maternity fashion. Styling the bump, squeezing that little bowling ball into spandex everything, wearing such free-flowing caftans that you’re nervous people don’t actually know you’re pregnant so you’re compelled to keep caressing your belly as you walk by strangers. It’s a stylishly complicated and beautiful time, which is why our friends at Storq are here to save the day. (And bonus! We’re offering readers 15% off all Storq goodies, just use the promo code BritxStorq. Expires 6/22.)

If you’re unfamiliar, Storq is a brand that launched five years ago with the idea of creating a bundle of maternity basics to make it easy to wear your actual clothes, with these new pieces acting as a foundation. They started with leggings, tanks, and a t-shirt dress, and have now expanded to include button-downs, nursing bras, tank dresses, caftans, diaper bags, and more. Full disclosure, Storq founder Courtney Klein is a longtime friend of mine — and an effortlessly chic chick who’s definitely part of the movement making motherhood way more relatable, authentic, and, yes, stylish! Read more about what inspired Courtney and her partner Grace to start Storq right here.

Here are some of my favorite new and staple Storq pieces, both for while pregnant and postpartum. After my first kiddo Anokhi was born, I lived in a rotation of these leggings for at least eight weeks!

And for those maternity feels, a few more photos of me bumpin' around the house ;) If you're expecting or have a prego friend who could use some super soft threads, be sure to head to Storq.com and use our promo code BritxStorq for 15% off through 6/22.

(Photography: Brittany Griffin for Storq)