For those lucky enough to have an island or a breakfast bar, let us congratulate you on now being able to go shopping for some of the coolest kitchen accessories: bar stools. Nothings says 鈥淲elcome!鈥 like a few seats lined up at your kitchen counter just waiting for wine and gossip with girlfriends or breakfast with the kids. No matter what the style or color scheme of your kitchen, adding a bright stool or two is an easy way to liven up your space and make a big impact. Whether you鈥檙e going for minimal, geometric, industrial or even metallic, these 17 bar stools will gladly take on the challenge of getting the family together in the kitchen.

1. Industrial Stool ($98): Minimal to the extreme, this slender and unique piece is great for adding a tiny bit of industrial flair to your space. Don鈥檛 let the thin lines distract you 鈥 this seat is durable enough to hold its own in the kitchen.

2. Lucia Bar Stool ($135): Hot pink in the kitchen? Absolutely. The bold wooden legs and black metal accents balance out any thoughts you might have of this being too 鈥済irly鈥 for your kitchen.

3. Clearie Bar Stool ($298): The classic shape of the Windsor seat gets a modern touch with pastel colors that would be a cheery addition to the kitchen. Now, to get all one color or mix it up a bit?

4. Weldon Backless Bar Stool ($90+): There is nothing understated about these simple but eye-catching sunny yellow stools. The slender legs and minimal design mean you can have a whole row of these without worrying about running out of space at the counter.

5. Habitus Bar Stool ($235): Business on top and party on the bottom: This bar stool knows how the game is played. A simple wooden seat and backrest are set off by a bright shade of yellow.

6. Delta Aluminum Bar Stool ($149): Brushed aluminum gives these stools a classic and contemporary finish that goes well with a traditional or modern kitchen. The contoured back and molded seat ensure your friends and family will enjoy a comfortable rest while sitting around your counter.

7. Real Good Stool ($249): This minimalist design is a completely unique addition to your kitchen. If you鈥檙e not sure how comfortable a powder-coated steel seat is, go for the thin seat pad that is held in place with magnets.

8. Isabella Orange Leather Counter Chair ($567): Maybe not the most family-friendly stool, but if you are looking for a splurge piece, this soft leather bar stool definitely fits the bill. The seat, back and legs are all dressed up in a cheerful shade of orange that still manages to feel completely luxurious.

9. Era Bar Stool ($260): Graceful and lightweight, the classic cafe bar stool gets a colorful makeover. Make a bold statement in your kitchen area with a couple of these elegant accessories.

10. Nerd Counter Stool ($499): Despite the unflattering name, this sleek stool is all about style and color. Whether you need one or four, the bold orange color and streamlined profile will definitely boost your kitchen鈥檚 cool factor.

11. Pop Bar Stool ($135): There is nothing worse than having a bar stool at just the wrong height for your countertops. Never make that mistake again with this adjustable swivel seat that comes in several gorgeous colors.

12. Industrial Vintage Swivel Bar Stool ($576): Bring some industrial flair into your kitchen with this tall, brass-framed number. Not only is it cool, but it swivels! What more could you want from an elegant bar stool?

13. Lucy Adjustable Height Stool ($480): Perfect for that modern or minimalist home, this chair brings the edgy vibes to your interior.

14. Puerto Stool ($349): Think of this like the classic woven basket chairs, but with an awesome new makeover.

15. Nicolle Chair ($416): The back rest on this iconic 鈥渟wan neck鈥 stool means you might never want to leave your kitchen for your dining room. Get ready to add some edge to your morning brunch in the form of this deep red hue.

16. Orson Sky Blue Bar Stool ($137): A comfortable solid wooden seat is the perfect counterpart to a slender, sky blue iron frame. We give major points for the handy foot bar, because there is nothing worse than having your leg fall asleep while you鈥檙e sitting at breakfast. A fresh and modern piece, this would add style to even a tiny kitchen.

17. Rose Gold Bar Chair ($343): Did someone say rose gold? The metallic trend is still going strong, especially in the kitchen. A couple of these shiny beauties might just be the pop of glam your kitchen is begging for.

Do any of these bar stools meet your standards? Tell us what you think in the comments below!