By now you’ve shed those layers, stepped into your sandals and taken the gloves off. We know you have your wardrobe, shoes and hairdos all figured out, but why not take it one step further and summer-fy your manicure, too? Inspired by your favorite warm weather treats, check out these 10 DIY nail tutorials to get your tips summer ready and finger-lickin’ good! Go all out and do all 10 fingers, or if you want to keep it more subtle just do one accent nail.

1. Summer Drippy Ice Cream Tutorial: Ice cream has got to be everyone’s favorite part of summer, and this tutorial captures all parts of it perfectly. The best part? A totally guilt-free way to indulge! (via Shay Mitchell Blog)

2. Watermelon Nails: The mother of all warm-weather fruits, watermelon prints are key for the perfect summertime look. (via One Sheepish Girl)

3. Yellow and Pink Grapefruit Nail Tutorial: For those of us who aren’t up for elaborate nails, but still want to partake in the spirit of summer, this simple and chic grapefruit nail art is just the thing. (via LuLu’s blog)

4. Summer Citrus Nails: Don’t have the time to delicately paint art onto your nails? Go the route of these citrus nails and use nail decals instead. These are from the San Francisco based company Nailed Kit, which sends you monthly kits of different decals! (via Paulina’s Passions)

5. Kiwi Dream: Venture into the realm of more exotic fruits with this kiwi nail tutorial. Shockingly easier to create than you would think, and the end result looks so exactly like kiwis! (via O’neill Girls)

6. Cotton Candy Nails: Pastel, fluffy and over-loaded on sugar, this is a classic summertime treat. The textured aspect is also a fun new take on a manicure. What’s not to love? (via Tineey)

7. Super Fresh Lemon Nails: When it’s 105 degrees out, nothing is as good as a big, cold glass of lemonade. Quench your tips with a sweet lemon print. (via The Beauty Department)

8. Cherry Nail Art Tutorial: Ch-ch-ch cherry bomb! (via Nail Stories)

9. Pineapple Print Nail Tutorial: If you aren’t one of the lucky few who get to spend the summer sipping frozen, fruity goodness under palm trees, why not bring the tropics to you with this pineapple nail art tutorial? (via The Hunt)

10. Strawberry Nails: The start of summer also means we’re in full strawberry season glory. Consider these nails an ode to the best of the berries. (via The Crafty Ninja)

Which of these yummy nails will you be rocking this summer? Did we miss out on one of your favorite treats? Let us know below!