Where will your adventures take you this summer? Whether it’s an exotic destination or a camping trip, we’re pretty sure you’ll be taking photos and documenting the action to preserve and share the good times.

Brit + Co. asked me to make a list of photography must-haves for vacation, traveling and longer days outside. As a kicker, I’ve also included an exclusive discount code for $5 off any purchase in the Photojojo store! More on that in a minute.

1. The iPhone Wrist Strap ($35): A stylish wrist strap for your iPhone that leaves you poised for a quick snapshot. It’ll also take the worry out of dropping your phone and long lines at the Genius Bar.

2. The Spring Break Camera Strap ($26): A colorful camera strap suited for spring/summer outfits and carrying your fave DSLR, film or point and shoot buddy. It’s mighty too – it can support up to 120 lbs!

3. The iPhone Scuba Suit ($60): A waterproof case for your most used camera – your phone. Use it in the pool, at the beach or on a water slide!

4. The iPhone Adventure Suit ($130-$180): A heavy duty waterproof case so your iPhone can tag along for all your adventures. Mount it to a skateboard, surfboard or even the hood of your car!

5. Polarizing Clip On Filter ($20): A clip-on phone lens that unleashes a powerful polarizing effect. It’s the perfect touch for clear days with plenty o’ sunshine.

6. The Camera Cooler Bag ($65): A rugged camera bag with vintage style. If you’re hiking or camping, it doubles as a snack and beverage cooler.

7. Easy Macro Cell Lens Band ($15): A macro lens you can pop over just about any phone’s lens to bring out the glorious details when you’re up close and personal. Amazing for textures, flowers or yummy foods.

8. The iPhone Telephoto Lens ($35): Digital zoom is lousy, but sometimes you need a closer look. This 8 or 12x optical lens gives you just that without the compromise of a grainy photo. Also available for the iPad.

9. The Crankerator ($60): Power any USB connected device with a little elbow grease. It’s a lifesaver for long days spent outside in nature, at festivals or anywhere without a power outlet.

10. The Bikepod ($25-$40): A tight, sturdy mount for point and shoot cameras or smartphones on your bike. Snap photos or take videos of all the breathtaking places you’ll go.

Okay, just one more. Phoneography 101 is Photojojo’s new course for iPhone and Android users that’s all about taking better pictures with your phone. Learn the fundamentals of photography from composition to creative effects and wow your friends and family with your newfound skills.

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When you checkout, just enter BRITCOPJ where it asks for any coupon or gift codes. For more from Photojojo, check out their newsletter that’s full of amazing DIY, tips and tutorials.

What are your must-have summer photography gadgets and accessories? Tell us in the comments below!