Dreaming of summer vacations and getaways in the great outdoors? Us too! And we’ve got our sights set on all sorts of innovative, beautifully designed, and vintage trailers that are just ready to whisk us away. Whether you love car camping every weekend in Northern Cali or are planning a cross-country adventure, here are 20 pieces of trailer eye candy sure to instill a sense of wanderlust.

1. The Small Small Trailer Bambi: This little darling is just 16 feet long, but has everything you need for a weekend or weeklong camping trip in the woods. We love the idea of carting around one of these along with a few regular old tents for a gathering of friends.

2. Airstream Sport: The classic Airstream Sport is obviously on our list – the iconic design is timeless.

3. Caravan Houseboat (concept): This is still in concept mode, but we are definitely digging it. It’s a caravan that can go from road tripping to boating, with just the flip of a switch… or two.

4. Cricket Trailer: This quirky cricket is a 15-foot trailer with a stainless steel sink, two-burner cooktop, a cabinet, a handshower with curtain, a portable cassette toilet, a furnace or a/c unit, a shade awning, and a folding bed with foam mattress. What it lacks in luxury it makes up for in convenience and durability. Plus, it’s called camping for a reason, right? :)

5. VW Camper Van: You can always take a cue from your parents and rock an old school camper van. We love the teal color of this one.

6. Mini + Airstream (concept): A Mini Cooper hauling an Airstream? Still in concept mode, we love the sort of ridiculous scale of this scene.

7. Luxury Trailers: That’s right – luxury trailers totally exist, and they are in full force at Old Mac Daddy Trailer Park. Every trailer is beautifully decorated.

8. 1954 Airstream Flying Cloud: This limited edition Airstream screams Ron Swanson to us.

9. Sealander: Like the Caravan Houseboat, the Sealander solves the “do we boat or do we road trip” question by letting you do both! The trailer itself has a low-emission electric outboard motor, a fully-equipped interior with a cooking/washing module, a cooler, a heater, and seating that converts into a bed, and all of it is watertight!

10. Teardrop Trailers: First of all, we’re obsessed with the name of this company: Vacations in a Can. Second of all, you can rent these terrific teardrops! (See also: Pizza from a Can)

11. Opera Trailer: Inspired by the Sydney Opera House, this beautiful hideaway pops up out of what looks like a mini U-Haul trailer, hitched to the back of your car. It has two electrically adjustable beds that can be easily transformed into one, a boiler supplying warm water to the kitchen, the fountain, and shower, a ceramic toilet, and low-energy LED lighting from awning to floor.

12. Orvis TearDrop Trailer: What happens when an old school Jeep Wagoneer and a Teardrop trailer have a baby? This trailer by Orvis!

13. Vintage Cupcake Trailer: Or, if you just like the look of a vintage trailer but aren’t up for the camping trip, you might consider bringing one filled with cupcakes to your wedding as the dessert table. So cool!

14. Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody Trailer: Another one of the woody variety, this roving bar is perfect for mixologists looking to take their show on the road.

15. White Trailer Decor: If you already have a trailer and are looking for ways to decorate, this all-white decorating scheme is great for maintaining a modern vibe and not feeling crowded. Though, if feeling crowded is an issue for you, you might not want to hang in a trailer.

16. Airstream Goes Hipster: We can’t tell if this trailer is parked in a rural neighborhood or a backyard in Brooklyn, but it feels pretty hipster to us, in a really good way. We love the sort of stark aesthetic, complete with an iMac on the interior.

17. Magnolia Pearl Trailer: On the complete other end of the spectrum is the Magnolia Pearl trailer, a beautiful bohemian paradise.

18. Oceanside Shed and Art Studio: This gorgeous number sits right by the Pacific Ocean and functions as a home, art studio, and shed for an artist and her son. We love the cozy textiles and sunny vibe.

19. Airstream Penthouse Park: Located on a rooftop in Cape Town is this totally awesome penthouse trailer park! We do love urban outdoor adventures.

20. Ralph Lauren Trailer: Last, a woodsy hideaway designed by our favorite prepster, Ralph Lauren.

Which of these trailer designs is your favorite? Have you ever rented a trailer? Talk to us in the comments below.