Are you a fellow color lover? Do you swoon over a new shade of teal on a daily basis? Then you’re in the right place, because we are straight up color-obsessed around these parts. That’s why we’re super curious about this latest Kickstarter find: SwatchMate!

SwatchMate is a color capturing cube that lets you capture any color you see right when you see it. Then it sends this color data wirelessly to your smartphone or computer using Bluetooth. Walking down the street and finally see the color you were trying to describe for your new logo? Capture it!

You can even send colors directly into Photoshop, making it easy to find out what the official Pantone chip your brand new color find corresponds to. But this isn’t just something for artists and designers — all of us are inherently creative and drawn to certain colors and patterns on a daily basis. This cube sets out to make sure you “never miss another moment of inspiration again.”

There’s a lot of Made Us Look value in SwatchMate, but it also has a ton of practical applications. Through the smartphone app, you can match color to paint brands right on the spot.

You can easily spot check colors to ensure color consistency — this is particularly awesome if you’re planning a wedding or event and want to make sure the invite color matches the fabric you’re using to create garlands. It will also help ensure that digital color assets pop when printed physically.

For a pledge of $80, you can get your very own SwatchMate cube as soon as June 2014. But you better act FAST, this project closes tonight!

What colors would you want to capture with this clever cube? Talk to us in the comments below.