In the competitive world of sports like dancing, cheerleading, gymnastics, etc., hair and makeup play a major role. And, as you can imagine, when a super physical element is also involved, the athletes have to get creative. Now just imagine that all this is ALSO taking place underwater.

Water and makeup are usually natural-born enemies, but it’s a combo the ladies of the synchronized swimming world have to deal with on the daily. Olympic synchronized swimmers Anita Alvarez and Mariya Koroleva recently chatted with Vogue about some of their styling secrets while in Rio — particularly, how they get their hair to stay put underwater sans a swim cap. And it’s a solution we’re guessing you haven’t heard of before.

Koroleva told the publication, “When we compete, we put Knox gelatin in our hair. It’s like unflavored Jell-O — we mix it with water, and it turns into a gooey mixture. You comb or brush that into your hair, put it up in a bun, and put a headpiece over that, so when it dries, it gets really hard and your hair doesn’t fall out when you swim. We like to add glitter and other decorations to it — it’s easy.”

Wow, we definitely were not expecting that one. But hey, whatever works right? Sounds like next time you get an invite to a pool party and want to keep that top knot looking flawless, you should skip the trip to Sephora and head to the grocery store instead.

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