We were thinking the other day, we’re pretty lucky. Here at Brit + Co., we have glue guns galore, a test kitchen, 3D printers, laser cutters, and… lightbulbs. Yes, lightbulbs. With short winter days still in full effect we’re hitting the switches by 5pm. But we don’t want to pull the string on any old ugly table lamp. Nope. Only the finest modern lantern will do. We’re sure you feel the same, so we’re bringing you some of the brightest tabletop brilliance out there.

1. Brass Bunny ($119): Alright, it’s admittedly supposed to be for the younger set, but we don’t really carry. We’re hopping on it.

2. Gideon ($384): By know you guys know how much we love geometric everything. So you probably have a pretty good idea how hard we’re crushing on this shapely luminary.

3. Venus Casso Fiesta ($380): It was hard for us to pick one of Retro Revival’s retro-revived lamps. They all carry tons of personality with wild attention-grabbing patterns and colors.

4. Gnome ($59): David the Gnome, you grew up watching him and loving him and hoping his tiny little self didn’t get eaten by a cat or crushed by a big foot, and lately you’ve kind of sort of been missing him. Don’t worry. He can still light up your life every day.

5. Ripley Gold ($130): It’s big. It’s gold. It’s glam. It’s glorious. (via Emily Henderson)

6. Tessellated Mother of Pearl Ovoid ($910): Considering the price and that we had to look up two of the words in its name, this one is only for the loftiest of light seekers.

7. Ashland Gold Leaf Dragon Tree Root ($720): It’s a tree root! That lights up!

8. 3D Printed: You guys. A 3D printed lamp! Swoon! (via Design Boom)

9. Perch Lamp ($63): We can’t decide… sunshine yellow? Or rose gold? … You’re right. Get both.

10. Antique Brass Pillar ($159): A pillar of light shining in your living room, we like the sound of that.

11. Edison Lamp ($95): The reclaimed wood looker even comes with a dimmer switch and is made with love in Minnesota by a music producer. True story.

12. Driftwood ($59): Let’s see what we’ve got going on here. It’s a little bit rustic. It’s a whole lot of modern. It’s a bit Icelandic inspired. And it’s all awesome.

13. The Orbiter ($169): Besides having a pretty stellar name, it also has an out-of-this-world look. You can consider us fans.

14. Black Walnut Houndstooth ($590): This was basically made for the Brit + Co. office.

15. Nesso ($480): It was designed in 1967, and it’s still a stunner today. And if you’re an avid Mad Men watcher, you’ve probably spotted the white version sitting in Roger’s office. Now you probably really want one, huh?

16. Fado ($20): We love Ikea for lots of reasons. But in this particular case, it’s because they did a pretty darn good knock of the Dioscuri table lamp, which retails for $240. Thanks, Ikea.

17. Lite Source Reiko ($50): That shade is cubism at its finest, folks.

18. Crystal Desk Lamp ($348): And sometimes the simplest things are the prettiest things, wouldn’t you agree?

Got a glowing review? Shine a light on your favorite lamp in the comments below!