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hair products 2024

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17 Curly Hair Hacks That Will Help You Beat Frizz In 2024

If you've been blessed with coils, it's time to flaunt 'em, girl.


3 Types Of Curls You Can Achieve With A Curling Iron

BTW, the Beachwaver Rotating Curling Iron is going to be your BFF.


The Best 3-Step Braid Tutorial To Try This Summer

It really is *just* that easy to get the perfect braid.


The Perfect Air Dry Routine For Every Hair Texture

Who says you need heat to style your hair?!


It’s Time To Add Sunscreen To Your Hair Care Routine

Sunscreen isn’t just for your skin anymore!


Apparently This Viral Headband Gives You The "Sunglasses Effect"

Aaron must have had this on when Regina said, "Your hair looks so sexy pushed back." 😉

Trends and Inspo

How To Brush Your Hair Properly, No Matter Your Hair Type

Turns out, there are right and wrong ways to brush your hair.


FYI: Your Scalp Needs Skincare Too.

Here’s everything you need to keep your hair shining and strong.