Calling all Star Wars nerds: After decorating the house (and our Christmas tree!) with geeky accessories, DIYing our favorite character costume and proving that movie-themed clothes could look really cute outside of a movie premiere outfit, we had to address the biggest style contribution from the saga: Princess Leia’s hair. It’s epic — period. The story, with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, deserves its time in the spotlight again, but with a bit of a modern twist. Here, I’ve picked three of my favorite Leia hair moments and updated them into fun, five-minute looks that any level of fan or fashion girl would want to work.

Princess Leia Rope Braids from Episode 6: Return of the Jedi –> Lazy Girl Pigtails


Tight, leather-threaded braids get a casual update with these lazy girl pigtails, perfect for those days you want to wear your hair down but still styled.

Step 1: Section + Twist


Take a tiny strand of hair near your temple and separate it into two equal sections. Taking one strand in each hand, twisting each section around your fingers in a counterclockwise direction. Then cross the pieces over one another in a clockwise motion and keep on going.

Step 2: Secure + Repeat


When you reach the end of the strand, secure the rope braid with a clear elastic.


Then repeat on the other side.


Curl the ends of your hair if you want to dress this look up a bit or wear a thin, glitzy headband around your forehead to play up the boho vibes.


Princess Leia’s Milkmaid Braid from Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back –> Messy Fishtail Crown Braid


We’re putting a more romantic twist on Princess Leia’s chunky milkmaid braid with a messy fishtail-Dutch plait and loose, long tendrils to frame your face.

Step 1: Section


Start by sectioning your hair in half. Pin the right section in place so that it will be easier to work with the left one.

Step 2: Fishtail Dutch Braid


Now take a small strand from the top of your head and start fishtail braiding with two alterations: Braid underneath instead of over the top (this gives the braid a cool 3D effect) and incorporate tiny strands as you go.

Step 3: Secure + Repeat


Once you’ve incorporated all the hair, keep on braiding normally, then tie with an elastic. Then, braid the other section with one twist: Braid this section upwards.

Step 4: Pancake


Gently separate your plaits — what’s called pancaking — to give your braids a fuller, messier look.

Step 5: Pin + Final Touches


Lastly, use a couple of bobby pins to secure the braids in place and get the perfect crown result. And don’t worry if some tiny pieces are sticking out: It’s all part of the look!


Date-night ready like that.

Princess Leia Space Buns from Episode 4: A New Hope –> Half-Up Half-Down Double Buns


While this is hands down Princess Leia’s most iconic hair look, it’s one of the hardest to wear outside of Halloween. This half-up, half-down update featuring #trending double buns makes it feel both more attainable and of the moment.

Step 1: Section


Use a fine-tooth comb to make a section from the ear to the top of your head.

Step 2: Cheerleader Pigtails


Then make a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Once you’re done, repeat on the other side.

Step 3: Create the Buns


Finger comb your hair to add a bit of volume, then start twisting your ponytail to create a bun. Bobby pin it in place, then repeat on the left side.


Polish your next athleisure outfit with this so-cute style.

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(Images courtesy of Lucasfilm Ltd)