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Gender Issues
What the Wage Gap Looks Like for Transgender and Gender Non-Binary People
Mara Santilli · Dec 11, 2018
Gender Issues
New Attacks on Transgender Rights Bring Urgency to This Transgender Day of Remembrance
Elizabeth King · Nov 20, 2018
Gender Issues
Pop Star and Actor Troye Sivan Is on a Mission to Help End Conversion Therapy
Elizabeth King · Nov 15, 2018
Gender Issues
Caitlyn Jenner’s Anti-Trump Op-Ed Proves Her Privilege Still Clouds Her Activism
Kat Armstrong · Oct 26, 2018
Gender Issues
We’ve Seen Crackdowns on Gender Identity Before, and it Ended Catastrophically
Kat Armstrong · Oct 22, 2018
Gender Issues
These Countries Are Including Gender-Neutral Language in Their Vocabulary
Araceli Cruz · Oct 1, 2018
Gender Issues
Cartoon Network Series Creator Warns of “Dire” Threats to LGBTQ+ Kids’ Self-Esteem
Amanda Scriver · Sep 10, 2018
Merriam-Webster Added “Latinx”– Now Let’s Talk About What Got Overlooked
Araceli Cruz · Sep 6, 2018
The US Has FINALLY Gotten an Openly Trans, Major-Party Candidate for Governor
Elizabeth King · Aug 15, 2018
This Vermont Democrat Could Become the Country’s First Transgender Governor
Kat Armstrong · Aug 14, 2018
This Woman Founded One of the Largest LGBTQ+ Professional Events on Earth
Natalie Zisa · Aug 10, 2018
Singer Lights Reveals How Motherhood Helped Her Push Creative Boundaries
Barbara Pavone · Aug 9, 2018
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