Hey, you. Yeah, you! Have you found the perfect costume, but need a little something, something to spice it up a bit? Looks like you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 65 Halloween makeup ideas to take your spooky look to the next level. Scroll through for our favorite beauty looks that will go with just about any costume you could think of.

1. Pop Art Makeup: Channel your inner Warhol with a creative take on an iconic art movement. (via Brit + Co)

2. Harley Quinn: She may have been corrupted by the Joker, but Harley is still H-O-T. (via @ChristenDominique)

3. Bowie: Wear your own Aladdin Sane lightning bolt and then perform your Halloween karaoke version of “Ziggy Stardust.”

4. Snapchat Butterfly Filter: Flutter by, butterfly. (via My Pale Skin)

5. Comic Wonder Woman: We predict this badass superhero will be 2017’s number-one costume. Better get your makeup right, girl! (via Shonagh Scott)

9. Twiggy: Get into full swingin’ ’60s style with this fashion icon-inspired makeup. You’ll look absolutely blinding, mate. (via Style Caster)

7. Poison Ivy: You’ll be sure to stop Batman in his tracks when you rock this plant-obsessed, super villain makeup. (via Alissa Ashley)

8. Katniss: Mimic this teenage gladiator’s makeup by being heavy-handed with your eyeliner in cream and rose hues. (via VICKYLOGAN)

9. Tinker Bell: Green shadow and blue mascara are the secrets to making your eyes look bigger and more fairy-like when you’re moonlighting as Pan’s sidekick. (via @cydbee)

10. Betty Boop: A little red lipstick goes a long way when you’re doing your best Betty Boop look. Darken those brows and add heavy black liner to duplicate these vibes. (via Jbunzie)

witch halloween makeup

11. Witch: We absolutely love this classic Halloween look. Use a little green face paint and contouring to get witchy with it in no time. (via Brit + Co)

#1 mom halloween makeup

12. #1 Mom: Looking for the easiest Halloween makeup ever? Dab on your favorite mud mask and your #1 Mom costume will be ready to go. (via A Bullseye View)

half sugar skull halloween makeup

13. Half Sugar Skull: Go halfsies on your DIY sugar skull so you don’t have to worry about keeping it symmetrical. Add your favorite lip color and a creative costume for a memorable look. (via Brit + Co)

comic girl halloween makeup

14. Real Life Comic Girl: Look like you stepped right out of a comic book with this ultra-simple look. Add POW for extra Comic girl emphasis. (via Best Halloween Blog)

15. Maleficent: Y’all know our love for Kandee Johnson, especially after Re:Make 2014. And we OMGed when we saw that she had a Maleficent makeup tutorial. (via Kandee Johnson)

fish halloween makeup

16. Pretty Fish: We’ll admit, this one looks difficult to DIY, but it’s actually super easy. Simply stretch a pair of fishnet tights over your head and pat on blue eyeshadow. It’s that easy! (via Allure)

creepy clown halloween makeup

17. Creepy Clown: No matter if you’re going as a clown or as a mime, this kinda creepy, kinda cute look will achieve all of your Halloween dreams. (via Brit + Co)

skeleton halloween makeup

18. Skeleton: Planning on being something a little extra spooky this year? Try out this skeleton that we just so happen to think is fab. (via Lunabella Makeup and Hair)

19. Peacock: Who said gluing feathers to your face was off-limits? Use face paint or eyeshadow to create your mask, and use eyelash glue to secure your peacock feathers. (via Senay Bostancioglu)

deer halloween makeup

20. Deer: Oh deer! Get this totally cute look with a step-by-step tutorial that you can do last-minute. (via Cheap Frills and Thrills)

21. Gorgeous Ghost: What?! Dead people can be pretty too! (via Brit + Co)

22. Scarecrow: There’s nothing wrong with keeping it classic for Halloween. Amp up your traditional scarecrow outfit with a little face paint and 20 minutes. (via But First Coffee)

23. Queen of Hearts: Are Tim Burton fans attending your bash? Then they’ll definitely approve of this look. Because why not be a queen for Halloween? (via Bethany Mota)

24. Butterfly: If you’re looking for something a little more cutesy, try out this butterfly look. Not a fan of orange? No problem. Switch out the butterfly color and coordinating eyeshadow to match your fave shade. (via Courtney’s Craftin’ and Cookin’)

25. Leopard: Plan on rocking a leopard costume this year, because this makeup is a must. Grab your eyeliner or some face paint to look lovely in leopard. (via Courtney’s Craftin’ and Cookin’)

26. Modern Vampire Beauty: Fangs will forever be in fashion. But that doesn’t mean you have to have blood dripping down your chin to let people know what you are. You’re a classy vampire. (via Brit + Co)

27. Black Cat: This one is extremely last-minute friendly. Finish off the look with some cat ears and a tail for a beautiful black cat costume. (via Minimalisti)

spider web eye makeup

28. Spider Web Eyes: Weird? Kind of. Totally amazing? Absolutely. (via NBC Los Angeles)

29. Greenery Eyes: Maybe you’re going as Poison Ivy this year. In which case, this makeup is a no-brainer. Add a little greenery to your costume with some jewels and leaf decorations. (via Maano Meikkaa)

30. Snow White: Snow White is a Halloween classic. But this isn’t your average store-bought costume and makeup-free look. Kandee shows us how to #win with our favorite Disney princess. (via Kandee Johnson)

zipper halloween makeup

31. Colorful Zipper: Are you just absolutely stuck on what to be for Halloween? Go a little outside the box and add this colorful zipper detailing to your face. It’s sure to turn some heads. (via Everything I Love Tumblr)

fairy halloween makeup

32. Woodland Fairy: Minus the lashes, we would wear this look to a festival. Alright, you got us. We’d wear the lashes too. (via Brit + Co)

jeweled eye makeup

33. Jeweled Eyes: Top off your crazy costume with a simple look using eyeshadow, jewels, and a natural lip color. (via Hey Mishka)

34. Cracked Porcelain Doll: Hard-core Halloween fanatic? You’ll love this cracked porcelain doll makeup. It might be a little creepy for most, but we think you could pull it off. (via imgur)

35. Cheshire Cat: Alice’s leading feline just made its way to our roundup, and we’re not mad about it. DIY this rad look with this step-by-step video tutorial. (via LinzMushel)

36. Pop Art: How cool is this look? We want to know what the rest of the costume looks like. (via Total Beauty)

37. Dia de los Muertos: If you’re planning on celebrating Dia de los Muertos, try out this colorful sugar skull. Remember, practice makes perfect! (via Total Beauty)

38. Graphic Eyes: Say hello to the coolest eye makeup on the list. We’re definitely into the doll-like nails too. (via Keltie Knight)

39. ’70s Inspired: Attending a decade theme party? We’ve officially found your ’70s makeup to top off your bell bottoms and hoop earrings. (via PopSugar)

40. Mythical Maiden: If you’re going for a more feminine look, add a bit of glitter to take your mythical maiden costume to the next level. (via PopSugar)

41. Audrey Hepburn: Here’s a classic look that won’t scare anyone away. Of course, Audrey Hepburn is our first choice in celeb-inspired Halloween looks. (via Michelle Phan)

42. Doll Face: Yeah, this one’s a little creepy, but it’s kinda pretty! We’d rock it, for sure. (via Brit + Co)

43. Red Sugar Skull: We showed you half of a sugar skull, then we featured a colorful option, but now it’s time for a spookier look. Try out this red and black look that will prove that you live for Halloween. (via DIY Enthusiasts)

44. Colorful Clown: We don’t think we’ve ever seen a prettier clown. Top off this colorful look with a set of chunky pearls and an outrageous head piece. (via elke)

45. Mermaid: All of you peeps who dream of being a mermaid, this tutorial is perfect for you. Just add white eyelashes to a natural makeup look to achieve mermaid status. (via Brit + Co)

46. Spider Webs: Spiderwebs on your eyes?! You betcha. Spice up your spidery look with a few jewels to make a simple look *that* much better. (via elke)

47. Mime: Fashion-forward mime? Oh, it’s happening. Plus, we’re loving her vampy lip color! (via elke)

48. Gothic Lolita Doll: If gothic dolls are your thing, then our girl Michelle Phan has you covered. Watch this easy tutorial to get the look. (via Michelle Phan)

49. Purrfect Black Cat: Being a black cat is always a solid option. Grab your liquid liner to DIY this look (and the ears!). (via Brit + Co)

50. Jeweled Sugar Skull: Can’t decide on what to put on your DIY sugar skull? Why not do it all? Add spiderwebs, roses AND gems, like this one. (via Buzznet)

51. Masquerade Mask: If your Halloween night consists of masquerade balls, we’re jealous. Paint on this look instead of holding up your mask all night long. (via Discover 0)

52. Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” Makeup: Katy Perry is the queen of costumes. So why not take a page out of her book and DIY this “Dark Horse” makeup and costume? (via Brit + Co)

53. Blue and White Sugar SkullWe promise this is the last sugar skull, but they’re just that cool. Add blue and white to your makeup for a more daring look. (via Brook Marrs)

54. Sultry Spiderweb: Spiderwebs don’t just have to be decoration at the party. Amp up your style with sultry eyes and a red lip. (via Discover 0)

55. Peacock Mask: Take a safer route with this epic peacock mask. (via Keltie Knight)

56. Yellow Bird: While this costume doesn’t feature much makeup, the bright yellow and black lips make for a daring style that is sure to get attention on the 31st. (via BuzzFeed)

57. Zippered Face: Remember when we showed you the colorful zipper? Well, this one isn’t quite as safe, but we think it’s definitely appropriate for our favorite dress-up day. (via Megan Parken)

58. Lively Anime: When else can you rock solid purple hair and crazy eyelashes? (via PopSugar)

59. Crazy Teeth: Let’s be honest; this one scared us a tad. But it’s way cool and something that wouldn’t be hard to recreate. (via PopSugar)

60. Terrifying Turquoise: This totally turquoise makeup is perfect if you’re searching for a colorful-yet-scary look. (via PopSugar)

61. Pirate: There’s nothing wrong with a little celeb inspo. Just take a peek at Christina Aguilera’s epic pirate makeup (and hair!). (via Christina Aguilera)

62. Tiger: Take your tail and fur vest to the next level with this impressive tiger makeup. (via Megan Parken)

63. Full Zebra Makeup: If you really want to commit, try this full-body zebra makeup. (via Model Mayhem)

64. The Nightmare Before Christmas: It’s never too early to start the Christmas festivities. Try out Sally’s makeup from The Nightmare Before Christmas to jumpstart the holiday season. (via Fashionably Geek)

65. Pretty Zombie: The living dead? More like the living drop-dead gorgeous. (via Brit + Co)

What are you being for Halloween? Are you planning on doing crazy makeup? Tell us @BritandCo.