When it comes to celebrating your fabulous self, there’s nothing quite like getting together with your BFFs for a bangin’ Galentine’s Day party — complete with your fave chick flicks, Galentine’s Day DIYs and, of course, loads of awesomely pink V-Day cocktails. The good news is you don’t have to stick with the obvious Cosmopolitan (Sex and the City style) to enjoy a blush libation. From champagne poured over cotton candy to fizzy rose-scented tonics, these 13 pink cocktails will make you and your besties say “cheers to friendship!”


1. Blood Orange French 75: The French 75 is just about as classy of a cocktail as they come. Traditionally with lemon, champagne and gin, this one gets an unexpectedly sweet flavor from blood orange. (via Cookie and Kate)


2. The Pink Mojo: The subtle pink hue of this drink is from a cranberry juice and grenadine-based pink lemonade. If you’re looking for a way to save time, you can totally use store-bought pink lemonade instead of making it fresh. Muddle some mint, add the rum and lemonade and you’re GTG. (via Verses from My Kitchen)

cotton candy champagne cocktail

3. Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktail: Anything from Lauren Conrad is obviously going to be an elegant and show-stopping winner. Plus, it doesn’t get much simpler than pouring champagne over cotton candy — no cocktail shaker needed. (via Lauren Conrad)


4. Cupid’s Pink Arrow: With a cutesy name like that, this cocktail is a must for any Galentine’s Day party. Make a huge batch so you can spend more time catching up and less time bartending. (via No Spoon Necessary)


5. Pink Mojito: Even though it’s the dead of winter, you can still pretend like you’re on a girls-only island getaway. Add a beachy rom-com to your Netflix queue and chill without a care in the world. (via Supergolden Bakes)

prickly pear marg

6. Pink Prickly Pear Margaritas: Nothing sounds better than sharing a huge plate of nachos with guac and a giant pitcher of margaritas with your best friends. Lucky for you, you can buy prickly pear syrup at most liquor stores for a unique twist on the classic. (via Sweets to Impress)


7. Rhubarb Basil Cocktail: If you’re a fan of mojitos, you’re definitely going to dig this cocktail. The fresh basil is such a refreshing flavor alongside the tart rhubarb. Don’t stress if you can’t find fresh rhubarb right now — frozen would work just fine. (via The Kitchn)

rose fizz

8. Rose Water Cointreau Fizz: Roses and Valentine’s Day go together like Kim and Kanye. The subtle rose water essence of this sparkling cocktail will be such a special treat that your friends will so appreciate. (via A Pair and a Spare)


9. Pink Salty Dog: This salty dog is vodka and grapefruit’s answer to the margarita. You can try it blended OR on the rocks. (via Fab Fatale)


10. Spiked Pink Lemonade: If you’re in the market for a cocktail that won’t ruin your New Year’s Resolution, this pink lemonade is your best bet. Since it’s spiked with Skinny Girl Vodka and sweetened with stevia, you may have a little extra room for a few chocolates. (via What’s Gaby Cooking)


11. Strawberry Ginger Pink Lemonade Cocktail: This cocktail uses homemade strawberry vodka to infuse delicious fresh flavor into every sip. Try making each of your guests their own bottle of strawberry vodka to take home as a gift. (via Healthy Seasonal Recipes)


12. Thyme and Pink Grapefruit Greyhounds: If you opt for a Galentine’s Day brunch, this light and refreshing cocktail is the one to go for. The elegant herbal touch of thyme is a perfect complement to the grapefruit. (via Freut Cake)

Watermelon Marg

13. Watermelon Margarita (on the Rocks): Getting in the kitchen and making your own cocktails with your besties is one of the best bonding activities you can do. Plus, you can take out some major ex-aggression by muddling the watermelon. (via Beckham and Belle)

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