65 Halloween Costume Ideas for Guys
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65 Halloween Costume Ideas for Guys

Ladies, you get a lot of love here at Brit + Co. But fellas, don’t think we forgot about you! It’s crunch time on the costume front, but if you don’t have something by now, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered. From a subtle ensemble to full body paint, here are 65 men’s Halloween costume ideas that are festive in all the best ways.

1. Bernie Sanders: He may not have won the presidency, but we still love feeling the Bern! Complete the look with a grandpa wig. (via Brit + Co)

2. Leo and the Bear from The Revenant: Epic movie, epic costumes, all around epicness. The bear costume is made up of pieces off of Amazon — bear hoodiebrown joggers and bear slippers. (via Brit + Co)

3. SharknadoThis 4-D Sharknado costume is next-level awesome. It lights up, has six prop sharks, and a pair of jaw-framed glasses FTW. A shark mask would work too.

4. Shrunken Head Man from BeetlejuiceThe shrunken head man is an extra-original — and extra-funny — costume choice from a classic Halloween film. Love it. (Photo via Coolest Homemade Costumes)

5. Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell: Everyone’s fave high school preppie is easy to pull off with a blond wig and street clothes, and the look is oh-so-iconic. (via Brit + Co)

6. Danny Zuko from Grease: Well this costume sure is “automatic, it’s systematic, it’s hydromatic — Why it’s greased lightnin’!” (via Brit + Co)

7. Lumière from Beauty & The BeastSacrificing two gold bundt cake pans for your Lumière costume is beyond worth it. Just grab a gold jumpsuit, a couple electric candles, and the topper of your choosing for the Disney-inspired look.

8. Arnold from Hey Arnold!With the ’90s trend in full swing, you can dress the part of Arnold, everyone’s fave playground hero. Use a DIY mask to perfect his infamous football-shaped head. (via Costume Works)

9. Old School MobsterMake this 1920’s-era costume whatever you want — a bank robber, a detective, or even a mobster! Just grow out a beard, hit up some vintage stores, and the possibilities are endless. (Photo via Health Wit)

10. David Bowie: If you’re feeling under pressure and you want to dance in the street, we recommend Bowie fashion, and you might just find some modern love. It’ll feel so good strutting in your silver leggings. (via Brit + Co)

11. Cap’n Crunch: This homemade cereal pirate costume is on point, and homeboy gets extra props for that impressive DIY hat.

12. Instagram App: This techie-fave costume is clever, easy to make, and it’ll get you all those double taps. Like!

13. Ned FlandersHoly face paint! We’ve seen The Simpsons get quite a few Halloween makeovers over the years, but this Ned Flanders costume is eerily realistic. (Photo via PopSugar)

14. Lucas from Stranger Things: Help the gang find Will in this simple and fun DIY get-up. Grab some vintage gear at your local second-hand store and a backpack. Eleven would be proud. (via Brit + Co)

15. Donald TrumpThis costume pretty much trumps the rest. Keep it simple with a suit out of your closet, a wig, and orange makeup. (via Brit + Co)

16. Vincent Van Gogh: Relax, you get to keep both ears for this look. Grab a cheap shirt and jacket from the thrift store and go to town on them, adding random brush strokes all over. Then, using the same technique, add some orange, yellow, and white shades to your face. And voila! A walking Van Gogh self-portrait. (via Decogirl Montreal)

17. Brawny Man: Paper towels never looked so good. Also, flannel. (via Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas)

18. Shia LaBeouf: Dust off that snazzy tuxedo and throw a paper bag over your head to dress as Shia LaBeouf’s infamous red carpet stunt. (via NY Daily News)

19. Russell and Carl: We’ve seen the Up characters before on Halloween (even starring our own Turkey Temple!), but never as a father-son costume. To be honest, it’s kind of melting our hearts. (via Mitch and Mickey)

20. Breaking Bad: Whether it’s Walter White or his alter ego, Heisenberg, the Breaking Bad character has been everyone’s go-to costume for the past few years. Differentiate yourself from the crowd with this clever take. (via College Humor)

21. Bob Ross: We’d recognize that ‘fro anywhere. The outfit is pretty flexible, but the hair is key. If you’re still not sure the costume is obvious, create a paint palette out of a piece of cardboard. (via C.R.A.F.T)

22. Moonrise Kingdom: This Wes Anderson version of a boy scout will look great as a couples costume or solo. (via Kieko Lynn)

23. Home Alone Bandits: Make these pesky thieves a little more lovable as a BFF costume ensemble. (via Lol Library)

24. Gru: If you’re um, follicly challenged, use it to your advantage this Halloween by transforming yourself into Despicable Me’s villain-turned-hero, Gru. Snag a stuffed minion like this guy or recruit a friend to dress as one. (via Despicable Me)

25. Jack Torrance: Here’s Johnny! Forget about the spooky zombie costumes. Scare everyone as The Shining’s terrifying Jack Torrance. Axe necessary. (via Party Halloween Costume Ideas)

26. Mortal Combat: Add a little bit of fun to the violent video game with this group costume. (via Imgur)

27. Calvin and Hobbes: Bring the classic comic duo to life as the up-to-no-good six-year-old and his stuffed tiger. Go all out as Hobbes in a tiger suit or tone it down in an orange and black striped tee and a little face paint. (via Reddit)

28. Walter Sobchak: The Dude would be nothing without his grumpy, bowling-obsessed sidekick, Walter Sobchak. Hit up the thrift shop for a cargo vest, buttoned shirt, and a pair of aviators, and you’ll be good to go. (via Party Halloween Costume Ideas)

29. Banksy Painting: It might be kind of difficult to go as the infamous street artist since nobody knows what he looks like, but if you’re a major fan, pay tribute to Banksy by dressing up as one of his pieces. This dude is killing it as the “Flower Thrower.” (via Makezine)

30. Arnold and Gerald: Our ’90s hearts have gone all aflutter. Become everyone’s favorite football head with just a little construction paper and a pair of scissors. (via Twisted Sifter)

31. Tyler Durden: We might be breaking the first rule of Fight Club by sharing this pic, but it’s just too good to keep to ourselves. Celeb Eli Roth makes a perfect Tyler Durden with this red leather jacket and scuffed up face. (via Chuck Palahniuk)

32. Bill Lumbergh: Mm, ya, if you could just dress up as this for Halloween that’d be great. Go full office-themed this Halloween by using these glasses as the hated boss from Office Space one night and The Office’s Dwight Schrute the next. We’re guessing you’ll probably get a lot more love for the looks than the fictional characters do. (via Lol Riot)

33. Halloween Costumes Dr. Who Jacket ($50): He’s dapper, English, and can defy space and time. Who wouldn’t want to be the legendary Doctor for a night? Rock this look solo or do it as a couples costume by adding in a tardis or one of the many female sidekicks — or both!

34. Jax Teller: Channel your inner biker as the studly Sons of Anarchy star. This macho look might channel even more ladies than the chick magnet costume, especially if you go all out and rent a motorcycle for the evening. (via Costume Works)

35. Home Improvement‘s Wilson: If you have a bucket hat and an old flannel lying around, all this costume requires are a few popsicle sticks from the craft store (or a sneaky trip to the doctor’s office) and a little bit of glue. Folks may get confused if you swap the makeshift fence for a drink, but pop it up in front of your face and all those Johnathan Taylor Thomas lovers will instantly recognize/adore you. (via Uproxx)

36. Ghostbuster: This isn’t exactly the easiest of costumes to pull together, but if you’ve got the time, it sure does look great. Or buy it pre-made. Make Bill Murray proud as a ghost-busting hunk. (via Costume Works)

37. Dr. Evil: Austin Powers ain’t got nothing on you. Major kudos to this guy who shaved his head just for the sake of properly portraying the funniest evil genius ever. (via Costume Works)

38. Guy Fieri: Although it totally looks like it, this is not actually Guy Fieri. But if the Food Network host ever needs a stunt double, somebody should definitely call this guy. A major plus to rocking his spikey, bleached hairdo? You’re probably going to get a free meal at whatever diner you end up at for a midnight snack. (via Costume Works)

39. Elliot: If you have a red hoodie lying around, half your costume is already done. Grab an ET mask or stuffed animal, cover it in a blanket, and place it in a milk crate for a walkable version of Elliot’s iconic bike. (via Uproxx)

40. Charlie Chaplin: Put your most hilarious foot forward as the legendary film star. If you can’t find a vintage suit, then just be sure to nail the mustache and bowler hat combo. (via Antique Costumes)

41. Cousin Eddie: Christmas is coming early this year with a Halloween version of Christmas Vacation’s Cousin Eddy. Rock a bath robe and a hunting cap to capture Eddie in all of his trashy glory. (via Costume Works)

42. Men’s Oktoberfest Guy Costume ($69): If you didn’t make it to Germany for Oktoberfest, don’t sweat it. You can still dawn the dapper uniform stateside. You can also find a Bavarian guy costume  on Amazon Prime.

43. Krumm: So creepy, but so good. If you feel comfortable rocking a pink bodysuit and some seriously hairy armpits, this ’90s Nickelodeon cartoon character might be just the costume for you. (via Lol Shelf)

44. Emoji: Bring our favorite texting friends into the real world this Halloween with this super easy look. (via Brit + Co)

45. Ace Ventura: This dude is nailing it as Miami’s finest pet detective. Rock this look in a Hawaiian shirt, high-rise pants, and combat boots, or opt for his memorable tutu ensemble instead. (via Marie Marie)

46. Tobias Funke: Tobias Funke has been many things, but subtle was never one of them. Combine two of the Arrested Development character’s best looks as a never-nude and unofficial member of the Blue Man Group. (via Hyper Vocal)

47. Steve Urkel: Piece together a pair of suspenders, some nerd glasses, and high-rise pants for this costume. It’ll look so good when you sneak a peak in the mirror. Don’t be surprised if your first thought is, “Did I do that?” (via Reddit)

48. Peter Parker: Forgo the classic Spiderman costume and instead opt for his more human form, Peter Parker. Strap on a camera, slip on a pair of glasses, and have a mask just peeking out of your bag to hint at your secret identity. (via Buzzfeed)

49. Hansel and Zoolander: Both of these guys deserve an Oscar for getting these costumes so spot on. If you’re going as Zoolander, make sure to spend a solid hour perfecting that “Blue Steel” look. (via Imgarcade)

50. The Joker: Yikes. This one is creepy to the max. With green hair and a white face, we don’t think you’ll have any problem with people figuring out who you are, but if you want to make it extra obvious, pin two joker cards to your jacket like this guy. (via Buzzfeed)

51. Yandy Prince Charming Costume ($37): Make all the kingdom swoon as a walking fairy-tale character. If this get-up is a little too corny for you as-is, take a humorous angle by adding a thick pair of glasses and turning it into a “hipster Prince Charming.”

52Will and Carlton: This is a story all about how… two guys had totally amazing Fresh Prince costumes. Okay, so maybe that’s not actually how the song goes, but we like that version better. (via Imgur)

53. Sheldon Cooper: We can’t help but wonder what snarky comments Sheldon Cooper might make about Halloween, but that shouldn’t stop you from sporting his trademark shirt and finding yourself a copycat version of Amy. (via Imgarcade)

54. Captain Crunch: This. Is. Awesome. (via Zerog Studios)

55. Jon Snow: You know nothing Jon Snow — except how to look totally badass all the time. (via Reddit)

56. Jay and Silent Bob: Wayne and Garth aren’t the only grungy ’90s duo around. Jay and Silent Bob are an equally fun and mischievous pair. (via Brit + Co)

57. Forrest Gump: Halloween is like a box of chocolates — you don’t know which Forrest Gump you’re gonna get. Go the “run, Forrest, run” route with a pair of red shorts and a mega beard or find yourself a Lieutenant Dan. (via Catch All Culture + Brit + Co)

58. Superbad: His name is Seth and all he wants to do is party. Make sure that Tide container is totally washed out before filling with beer. (via Reddit)

59. Army Toy Soldiers: Okay, this one is not going to be easy to wash off, but it’ll look amazing. Make sure you’re ready for a lot of photos, because everybody’s going to want a picture.

60. Ferris Bueller: Who doesn’t want to be like Ferris? While you may not have the entire school and city of Chicago wrapped around your finger, you can still look like the high school hero in a leopard sweater vest and gray trousers. (via Costume Works)

61. Mr. Rogers: Warm everyone’s heart as America’s favorite neighbor, Mr. Rogers. All you need is a red sweater and a make your own make-believe puppet. (via Pin Up Girl Style)

62. Bane: Or you could be the complete opposite of Mr. Rogers and go as Batman’s arch enemy, super villain Bane. (via Costume Works)

63. American Psycho: Talk about a doppelganger! This guy needs to be a Christian Bale character for like every Halloween ever. (via And Pop)

64. Shaun of the Dead: Forget about the overdone zombie costume. Instead go for the hilarious, British zombie slayer Shaun. Snag or DIY a cricket bat to make the bloody costume a little more identifiable. (via Costume Works)

65. Halloween Costumes Chick Magnet Costume ($25): Punny and adorable — a dangerous combination. This costume is not only totally easy, but also a great conversation starter. Even if it’s not totally true ;)

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