It鈥檚 always exciting when you meet a kindred spirit聽and just click. When that happens, you often feel like you鈥檝e known each other forever, when in reality it鈥檚 been like, oh, maybe five minutes. That seems to be what happened with these two uber famous #girlboss celebs who clicked with one another in the Land Down Under. As far as we know in the public sphere (a Getty image search of both their names turns up zilch), they鈥檝e never hung out before, and yet when they met up down in Australia and started posting pics of their girl date on Instagram, it seems like they鈥檙e already old friends.


We鈥檙e talking about Blake Lively and Taylor Swift. Yep. I鈥檒l bet somewhere in your head, theres a part of you going, 鈥淒uh, that makes sense.鈥 First of all, they鈥檙e both total budding medium-spanning moguls. They鈥檙e busy; Taylor is still on her record-breaking, cameo-heavy1989 World Tour聽and new mama Blake has been cast in Woody Allen鈥檚 latest project and has a couple films debuting in 2016. They鈥檙e both blonde bombshells with gender neutral names (practically the same person.) Lastly, they both love roller coasters and animals 鈥 kangaroos, to be exact.聽Taylor posted the below聽pic of the pair along with the caption, 鈥淵esterday was such an amazing day off 鈥 roller coasters, kangaroos and LOLs with @blakelively鈥 Aw, looks like girlfriend bonding at its best.


Blake also shared a pic from their girl date in Oz with a bonus photo bomber. 鈥淪elfie game was strong鈥 until I got photobombed by some crazy fan. Where鈥檚 security when you need it.鈥 She even included a cat emoji and wrote, 鈥渢he cat鈥檚 for you @taylorswift.鈥 Clearly, these two ladies understand each other. We get the feeling the next time Taylor makes a music video with all her friends in it, Blake might be getting a cameo.聽Also, we鈥檇 like to nominate the kangaroo as a candidate too.


But that鈥檚 assuming the聽kangaroo wants to join. I mean, here she is already blowing off Taylor. The caption Taylor wrote for this one is, 鈥淢e: Please love me.聽Kangaroo: No.鈥

Kangaroo聽= DGAF

Who should Taylor add to her #squad next? Let鈥檚 brainstorm @BritandCo.

(Photos via Dilip Vishwanat/Getty + @taylorswift + @blakelively)聽