It’s Tech Tuesday, and once again, we’re here to make life easier by teaching you a few nifty tech tricks. Have you been noticing that your iPhone is running a little sluggishly lately? It’s highly possible your speeds are getting bogged down with unnecessary things in your storage — like your Safari cache. Okay, we know there are going to be nay-sayers who will argue that your Safari cache actually helps you load pages faster, and that’s true… but the trade-off is you may find that your phone has slowed down. It’s also possible that due to an bulky cache that hasn’t been cleared since the beginning of TIME, you phone gets confused and your pages don’t load correctly. Think of it as spring cleaning for you iPhone or iPad (ignore that we’re in the middle of fall) — something good to do every once in a while.


Simply go to Settings > Safari and scroll down to “Clear History and Website Data.” When you tap on that, a pop-up notification will alert you that “Clearing will remove history, cookies, and other browsing data.”

To translate this into layman’s terms: It erases documentation of all the sites you’ve surfed on your browser. It also deletes cookies, which are essentially messages that go from an Internet server to your web browser that help identify you (i.e. provides your login info or customize your pages). Also, it gets rid of other data like the time you visited, page titles, etc.

Just confirm you want to clear all that out and voilà! You’ve made your iPhone/iPad just a tad faster.

Will you be trying out this iPhone trick? Do you have any tricks you’d like to share? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t Ubergizmodo)