Attention: Teen Wolf fanatics. MTV just started a new virtual clubhouse for y’all to hang out in called The Collective. This isn’t any old forum where you can OMG about last night’s episode or discuss theories and detailed analyses of each episode (though you can totally do that, too). Here, fans get a chance to showcase their unique and original art, poetry and musical compositions. It’s an ideal haven for creatives — who just happen to have a deep love and understanding for Teen Wolf.

Teen Wolf is MTV’s most social show of all time and The Collective will certainly capitalize on that. The dedicated space hopes to empower artists to share their creative talents with a larger audience.

Instead of trolling Tumblr for the best fan art to <3, share and re-post, you’ll be able to click through a curated collection here.

With the show’s massive social media following, the chances of a fan’s art being shared after being seen on this site is super high. That’s a lot of recognition that should inspire any of you out there with doodles trapped in your notebooks to give them life.

MTV has plans to expand the idea of The Collective to additional shows, but started with Teen Wolf because of its superstar fans. How cool would it be if this concept was translated across all of our favorite shows and pop culture obsessions? Personally, our vote is going to Orange is The New Blackbut maybe we’ll start binge watching Teen Wolf and see what it sparks in us. Participating in a creative community like this one adds a whole new dimension to TV-watching and gives the fan a starring role beyond a featured on-screen Tweet. We are totally on-board.

Would you participate in a creative community like this one if it was rolled out for your favorite show, movie or musician? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

(h/t Mashable, fan art from The Collective)